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Brazilian Navy 

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Histories of ships of the Brazilian Navy.  The Brazilian Navy  after its independence form Portugal was small. In 1860 the fleet consisted on  7 screw sloops and 8 paddle steamers and a sailing fleet of 6 frigates and corvettes and 14 smaller vessels.  During the war against Paraguay between 1865 and 1870 a number of ironclads (were purchased from Britain and France (Brasil, Tamandare Lima Barros, Bahia, Silvado, Mariz E Barros, Herval, Cabral, Colombo, ). After the rebellion of 1893 very little naval building was done until  the 1905 naval  programme.

Coastal Defence battleships

Barrozo      1864 scrapped 1885
Brasil Le Seyne 1864 Scrapped 1905
Tamandare     1865 Scrapped 1885
Rio de Janeiro     Sunk after hitting mine 2nd September 1866 during the war with Paraguay
Lima Barros Laird 21st December 1865 Scrapped 1905
Bahia Laird 6th October 1865 Scrapped 1895
Silvado Arman Launched 1866 Scrapped 1895


Like many of the above ships these were ordered by Paraguay but sold to Brazil 

Mariz E Barros   Rennie  1866 scrapped 1890 / 1892
Herval Rennie 1866 Scrapped 1985  /1887


Cabral  Rennie  1866  Scrapped 1985  /1887
Colombo Rennie 1866 Scrapped 1985  /1887


Sete de Setembro Rio De Janeiro 1874 Scrapped 1895
Javary Le Havre 1874 Sunk 22nd November 1893
Solimoes  le Seyne 1874 Scrapped during the 1890's
Riachuelo Samuda 7th June 1883 Scrapped 1910
Aquidaban Samuda 17th January 1885 Sunk 22nd January 1906
Marshal Deodoro Le Seyne 18th June 1898 sold in 1924 to
Marshal Floriano Le Seyne 6th July 1899 Scrapped 1936


The Launch of the Coast Defence Battleship "Marshal Deodoro" at the French dockyard La Seyne on 18th June 1898

Minas Gerais Armstrons at Elswick 17th April 1907 Sold in 1953
Sao Paulo Vickers at barrow 19th April 1909 Sold 1951

  Brazilian battleship Minas Geraes, launched in September 1908 and sold in 1953. 

A reproduction of this original photo / photo-postcard size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  © Walker Archive. Order Code PAN037

Brazilian Cruisers

Almirante Barrozo Rio de Janeiro 1882 Foundered during the round the world voyage with cadet in the Gulf of suez
Almirante Tamandare Rio de Janeiro 20th march 1890 Scrapped early 1920's
Benjamin Constant La Seyne 1892 classified as a training ship but had the armament and size of  a cruiser

Benjamin-Constant a training ship.

A reproduction of this original photo / photo-postcard size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  © Walker Archive. Order Code PAN038

Benjamin-Constant a training ship

A reproduction of this original photo / photo-postcard size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  © Walker Archive. Order Code PAN039


Republica Armstrong 26th May 1892 during 1898 refitted as minelayer Quinze de Novembro  Scrapped early 1920's

Brazilian protected cruiser Republica, shown  after refitting as minelayer Quinze de Novembro c.1898

Almirante Barrozo Armstrong 25th august 1896 Scrapped 1948
Bahia Armstrong, Elswick 20th April 1909 Exploded and Sank 4th July 1945  midway between Brazil and Africa with the loss of 294 Crew
Rio Grande do Sul Armstron Elswick 20th January 1909 Stricken 1948
Barroso  (C11) (ex USS Philadelphia) Philadelphia N yard Purchased January 1951 Sold and Scrapped 1974
Tamandare  (C12) (ex USS St Louis) Newport News Purchased 29th  January 1951 Sold and Scrapped 1973 / 1974

Brazilian Aircraft Carriers

Minas Gerais  (ex HMS vengeance) Swan Hunter Purchased 14th December 1956 purchased for $9 million. still in Service 1997

Brazilian Aircraft Carrier Minas Gerais.  

Ex-British Colossus Class aircraft carrier Minas Gerais. (ex Vengeance) Acquired in 1956 and still in service

Brazilian  wooden Corvettes and Sloops

Nichtheroy  (Wooden Corvette) Rio de Janeiro Dockyd 1862 Scrapped 1899 / 1901
Vital De Oliveira  (Wooden Corvette) Rio de Janeiro Dockyd 1867 Scrapped 1885 / 1888
Trajano    (Wooden Sloop) Rio de Janeiro Dockyd reconstructed as cruiser Tonelero
Guanabara  (Wooden Corvette) Rio de Janeiro Dockyd 1877 Scrapped 1905
Parnahyba  (Wooden Sloop) Rio de Janeiro Dockyd  1878 re classified as a 2nd rate cruiser
Primeiro De Marco   (Wooden Sloop) Rio de Janeiro Dockyd  1881 re classified as a 2nd rate cruiser

Brazilian  Destroyers

Para  Yarrow shipbuilders 11 July 1909 Scrapped 1933
Alagoas Yarrow shipbuilders 27th July 1909 Scrapped 1939
Amazonas Yarrow shipbuilders 21st Nov  1908 Scrapped 1931
Mato Grosso Yarrow shipbuilders 23rd Jan 1909 Scrapped 1945
Paraiba Yarrow shipbuilders  18th May 1909 Scrapped 1944
Paiui  Yarrow shipbuilders 7th Sept  1908 Scrapped 1944
Rio Grande Do Norte Yarrow shipbuilders April 1909 Scrapped 1944
Santa Catherina Yarrow shipbuilders 26th Oct  1909 Scrapped 1944
Sergipe Yarrow shipbuilders 25th May 1910 Scrapped 1944
Parana Yarrow shipbuilders 27th march 1910 Scrapped 20th October 1933
Maranhao Yarrow shipbuilders  18th May 1909  Was given to Brazil in 1920 .Scrapped 1944
Greenhalgh    8th July 1941 Scrapped 1966
Marcilio Dias   20th July 1940 Scrapped 1966
Mariz E Barros   28th Dec. 1940 Scrapped 1972
Acre    30th May 1945 Scrapped 1974
Ajuricaba    30th May 1945 Scrapped 1964
Amazonas   29th Nov. 1943 Scrapped 1973
Apa   30th may 1945 Scrapped 1964
Araguary   14th July 1946 Scrapped 1974
Araguaya   2 Scrapped 1974
 EX US FLETCHER CLASS DESTROYERS  (dates given when purchased from US)
Maranhao (D33) (ex USS Shields)  Puget Sound N YD  1st July 1972 Scrapped 1990
Para (D27) (ex USS Guest)   Boston Navy yard 5th June 1959 Scrapped 1978
Paraiba (D28) (ex USS Bennett)   Boston Navy yard 15th Dec. 1959 Scrapped 1978
Parana (D29)  (ex USS Franks)  Bethlehem Staten I 20th July 1961 Scrapped 1982
Pernambuco (D30) (ex USS Knapp)  Seattle Tacoma 20th July 1961 Scrapped 1982
Piaui (D31) (ex USS Lewis Hancock)  Federal, Kearny 2nd August 1967 Scrapped 1989
Santa Catarina (D32) (ex USS Irwin)  Bethlehem San Pedro 10th May 1968 Scrapped 1978
 EX US ALLEN M SUMNER  CLASS DESTROYERS  (dates given when purchased from US)
Mato Grosso (D34) (ex  Compton)  Federal, Kearny  1st July 1972 Scrapped 1990
Sergipe (D35) (ex James C Owens)   Bethlehem San Pedro 16th July 1973 Still Operating ( 1998)

BNS Sergipe.  Closing to Fuel from RFA Green Rover, South Atlantic, April 1977.

BNS Sergipe.  (ex - James C Owens)  Acquired 16th July 1973.

Photographed by George Mortimore L.R.P.S  Copyright Cranston Fine Arts.  A reproduction of this original photo  size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  . Order Code  GM132

Alagaos (D36) (ex USS Buck) Bethlehem San Pedro 16th July 1973 Still Operating ( 1998)
Rio Grande Do Norte (D37)(ex USS Strong  Bethlehem San Pedro 29th October 1973 Still Operating ( 1998)

BNS Rio Grande Do Norte.  closing to fuel from RFA Green Rover.  South Atlantic, April 1977.

BNS Rio Grande Do Norte.  (ex - Strong)  Acquired 29th October 1973.

Photographed by George Mortimore L.R.P.S  Copyright Cranston Fine Arts.  A reproduction of this original photo  size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  . Order Code  GM137

Espirito Santo (D38) (ex USS Lowry)  Bethlehem San Pedro 29th October 1973 Still Operating ( 1998)

 EX US GEARING  CLASS DESTROYERS  (dates given when purchased from US)

Marcilio Diaz  (D25) (ex USS Henry W Tucker )  Consolidated Orange 3rd December 1973 Still in Service
Mariz E Barros (D26) (ex USS Brinkley Bass )  Consolidated Orange 3rd December 1973 Still in

Brazilian  Frigates

Constituicao   (F42)  Vosper Thornycroft  15th April 1974 Still In S
Defensora  (F41)   Vosper Thornycroft 27th March 1975 Still In S
Independencia  (F44)  Arsenal de Marinho 2nd Sep  1974 Still In S
Liberal   (F43)  Vosper Thornycroft 7th Feb.  1977 Still In S
Niteroi   (F40)  Vosper Thornycroft 8th Feb 1974 Still In S
Uniao  (F45)   Arsenal de Marinho 14th March 1975 Still In S
Para (D27) (ex USS Albert David)  Lockheed SB 19th Dec 1964 Recommissioned into the Brazilian navy 28th September 1989
Paraiba (D28) (ex USS Davidson)  Avondale 2nd October 1964 Recommissioned into the Brazilian navy 25th July 1989
Parana (D29) (ex USS Sample)  Lockheed SB 28th April 1964 Recommissioned into the Brazilian navy 24th August 1989
Pernambuco (D30) (ex USS Bradley)  Bethlehem San Francisco 26th march 1964 Recommissioned into the Brazilian navy 25th September 1989
Inhauma  (V30)  Arsenal de Marinha, Rio De Janeiro 13th December 1986 Still In Service
Jaceguay   (V31)   Arsenal de Marinha, Rio De Janeiro 8th June 1991 Still In Service
Julio De Noronha  (V32)   Arsenal de Marinha, Rio De Janeiro 7th October 1992 Still In Service
Frontin   (V33)   Arsenal de Marinha, Rio De Janeiro 6th February 1992 Still In Service

Sail Training Vessel NE Cisne Branco at the Trafalgar 200 Fleet Review, June 2005.

Photographed by Ivan Berryman. Copyright Cranston Fine Arts.  A reproduction of this original photo  size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  . Order Code  IB2079

Sail Training Vessel Cisne Branco, at the Trafalgar 200 Fleet Review, June 2005.

Photographed by Ivan Berryman. Copyright Cranston Fine Arts.  A reproduction of this original photo  size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  . Order Code  IB2076

NE Cisne Branco at Trafalgar 200, June 2005.

Photographed by Ivan Berryman. Copyright Cranston Fine Arts.  A reproduction of this original photo  size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  . Order Code  IB2077



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Some Current Half Price Aviation Art Offers

 With Italys entry into WW II on June 10, 1940, the epic two-and-one-half-year siege of Malta began. Symbolizing the defiant resistance of the people and defenders of that tiny island, the legend of Faith, Hope, and Charity grew from a handful of Gloster Sea Gladiators which initially comprised Maltas sole aerial defense. Until the arrival of the more modern Hawker Hurricanes, these obsolescent biplanes fought the Regia Aeronautica alone in the skies above Malta. Only six or seven Gladiators were assembled from the shipment of eighteen crated aircraft which had been delivered by the HMS Glorious. Others were utilized for spare parts, and three had been dispatched, still crated, to Egypt. Though hugely outnumbered, the defenders fought on, raising the morale of the citizens of Malta, and denying the Italians mastery of the sky. Suffering from a constant shortage of spare parts, tools and equipment, the devoted ground support crews were never able to keep more than three Gladiators operational at any point in time. Only one of these Gladiators was totally lost in aerial combat, and the sole surviving aircraft was presented to the people of Malta, and today stands in their National War Museum as a proud symbol of courage and endurance. In Stan Stokes painting, a Sea Gladiator, piloted by Flight Lt. James Pickering, tangles with a Fiat C.R. 42 over Malta in 1940 while an Italian Savoia S.79 tri-engined bomber passes by in the background. The Gloster Gladiator represented the zenith of development of the classic biplane fighter aircraft, a design formula which characterized an entire era from WW I until the advent of the monoplane fighter just before WW II. Glosters naval model of the Gladiator was equipped with a Bristol Mercury VIIIA engine providing a maximum speed of 253 MPH, a rate of climb of 2300 feet per minute, an operational ceiling of 32,200 feet, and a range of 415 miles. The Gladiator was armed with four .303 inch Browning machine guns, and incorporated several advanced features including an enclosed cockpit and wing flaps. One top RAF ace, Sqd. Ldr. Pattle, attained eleven victories flying the Gladiator. A total of 527 Gladiators were produced, and the aircraft served in twelve different countries. The Italians were overly persistent in their emphasis on biplane fighters, stemming from their successes with these highly maneuverable machines during the Spanish Civil War. Employing distinctive Warren-truss type interplane bracing the C.R. 42 was powered by a Fiat A74 R.C. 38 engine providing a maximum speed of 274 MPH and a range of 485 miles. The C.R. 42 was more lightly armed than the Gladiators it opposed, possessing only two 12.7mm Breda machine guns. The C.R 42 served on all of Italys fronts including North and East Africa, France, Britain, the Balkans, and Russia. Exported to Hungary, Sweden and Belgium, the C.R. 42 ironically served alongside the Gladiator in other theaters of operation during WW II.
Faith Hope and Charity by Stan Stokes. (C)
Half Price! - £65.00
Lancaster CF-X (LM384) of 625 Squadron.  On the Leipzig raid on the evening of 19th/20th February 1944 approx 47 Lancasters were shot down or failed to return, that is over 300 airmen.  Lancaster CF-X (LM384) was taking part in the bombing raids that were a build up to the D-Day landings of June 1944.  Leipzig was seen as a high value target due to its oil and synthetic fuel production.  The Lancaster took off from Kelstern in Lincolnshire just before midnight.  Unfortunately LM384 did not come back as was the case with many others - the aircraft was lost and crashed just outside the tiny village of Bledeln in Germany.  The Pastor of the village, Herr Duncker, kept a diary throughout the war and has an account of the plane crash and the subsequent burial of the crew.  All of the crew died in the crash except one - bomb aimer George Paterson who was interned in Stalag 357 Kopernikus.  The rest of the crew were given a Christian burial and stayed there until the end of the war, when the war graves commission disinterred the crew and reburied them in the Hannover war cemetery.

Last Long Shadow by Anthony Saunders (AP)
Half Price! - £60.00
 A Mosquito Mk.BIX above the clouds in late 1943. Mosquito B.IX LR503 holds the record for the most combat missions flown by a single Allied bomber in the Second World War, serving 213 sorties.

A De Havilland Beauty by Ivan Berryman. (C)
Half Price! - £45.00
 This was the moment when the massive Möhne dam was finally breached on the night of 16th-17th May 1943 during the top secret Operation Chastise. The specially-converted Lancaster B MkIII of Fl/Lt David Maltby ED906(G) AJ-J roars between the towers of the dam, having released the Upkeep bouncing bomb that would ultimately cause a cascade of water to flood into the valley below. Fl/Lt Harold Martin's identical aircraft, ED909(G) AJ-P can be seen off Maltby's port wing with all of its light ablaze, drawing enemy fire from the attacking bomber.

Dambusters - Moment of Truth by Ivan Berryman. (GL)
Half Price! - £300.00

 The Sopwith Dolphin was a radical departure from previous Sopwith design philosophies, embodying a reverse-stagger on the wings, a water-cooled Hispano-Suiza engine and an unusual, but highly popular positioning of the cockpit which gave the pilot unprecedented views. One exponent of this purposeful looking machine was Canadian Major A D Carter who claimed many of his 31 victories flying the Dolphin. He is shown here sending an Albatross to the ground on 8th May 1918 whilst flying C4017. Carter was himself shot down soon after became a prisoner of war. He was killed in 1919 whilst test flying a Fokker D.VII at Shoreham, Sussex.

Major Albert Carter by Ivan Berryman. (GL)
Half Price! - £350.00
 A trio of Bell Huey UH-1s deliver ARVN Rangers to a drop zone in the central Highlands of Vietnam during 1970. The ubiquitous Huey saw action in an enormous variety of roles, Vietnam being the first true helicopter war, and it will perhaps be remembered by many a grateful GI for its (and its crews) part in many hundreds of daring rescues amid the unyielding and unfamiliar terrain of south east Asia.

DZ 9.00am by Ivan Berryman. (Y)
Half Price! - £50.00
 Over three years of continuous air combat the 91st Bombardment Group The Ragged Irregulars were based at Bassingbourn in England. They flew 340 missions with honor and bravery, over occupied Europe and bore such B-17 legends as Memphis Belle, Shoo Shoo Baby, General Ike and Nine O Nine. On this day, however, the Memphis Belle is going to have to wait for the snow to be cleared before it can depart on yet another dangerous mission over enemy territory. In the meantime, to enable the Memphis Belle to leave at the earliest opportunity when the weather clears, ground crew carry on with their maintenance work in support of a crew and aircraft they all look upon with affection and admiration.
The Memphis Belle by Philip West. (Y)
Half Price! - £80.00
Reformed in November 2000, 99 Squadron, based at Brize Norton, is now the operator of the RAF's new heavy transport, the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III, an example of which is shown on the newly extended concrete runway at Camp Bastion in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.  The C-17s have become the mainstay of the RAF's supply train, shuttling between the UK and Afghanistan, as well as providing specialist aeromedical evacuation and humanitarian relief duties.

Globemaster III by Ivan Berryman. (P)
Half Price! - £800.00



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Some Current Half Price Naval Art Offers

HMS Glowworm, burning severely after receiving hits from the mighty Admiral Hipper, is depicted turning to begin her heroic sacrifice off the Norwegian coast on 8th April 1940. Hugely out-gunned and already crippled, Glowworms captain, Lieutenant-Commander Roope rammed his destroyer into the side of the Admiral Hipper, inflicting a 40 metre rip in its armour belt before drifting away and exploding. 38 British sailors were rescued from the sea and Roope was awarded a posthumous VC for his bravery, the first earned by the Royal Navy in WWII.

The attack on the Admiral Hipper by HMS Glowworm by Ivan Berryman (Y)
Half Price! - £70.00
 Key ships of the British task force sail in close formation in the Mediterranean sea during the build up to the coalition invasion of Iraq in march 2003, nearest is the flagship HMS Ark Royal with the commando carrier HMS ocean to her port side. other ships include a Type 42 destroyer , the Fleet Auxiliary Fort Victoria and an LSL  

NTG03 - Task Force to Iraq by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £15.00
Midday, 21st October 1805, and Admiral Collingwoods flagship, the 100-gun HMS Royal Sovereign, breaks the allied line and delivers a shattering broadside on the Spanish flagship Santa Anna. Making great speed, Collingwoods ship had breached the Franco-Spanish line some distance ahead of the rest of his van and the Royal Sovereign suffered heavily as she quickly drew the attentions of three French and three Spanish ships. To her starboard, the French Indomitable can be seen firing into the British flagship while, astern of the Santa Anna, Belleisle and Fougueux are engaging ahead of Mars, Monarca and Pluton.

The Battle of Trafalgar - The First Engagement by Ivan Berryman. (Y)
Half Price! - £345.00
 The heavy cruiser HMS Dorsetshire is brought up to sink the blazing wreck of the Bismarck with torpedoes at around 10:30 hours on the morning of May 27th 1941.  The once proud German ship had been ruthlessly pounded into a twisted and burning wreck by the British battleships Rodney and King George V.  HMS Dorsetshire and HMS Maori combed the area of the sinking for survivors, between them picking up a total of 110 out of an original complement of 2,300.

HMS Dorsetshire (The End of the Bismarck) by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £15.00

The moment shortly after dawn on 24th May 1941 when HMS Hood, in company with HMS Prince of Wales, opens fire on the Bismarck, setting in motion one of the greatest sea dramas the world had seen.

HMS Hood Engages Bismarck by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £15.00
 U-35 under the command of Kapitänleutnant Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière, the all time most successful u-boat captain sinking 194 ships, many of which were sunk by the u-boats 88mm deck gun.

Kapitänleutnant Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière, U-35 by Ivan Berryman. (P)
Half Price! - £550.00
VAR346B.  H.M.A.S. Manoora 1940 by Brian Wood.
H.M.A.S. Manoora 1940 by Brian Wood (B)
Half Price! - £20.00
Erich Topps notorious Red Devil Boat, U-552, slips quietly away from the scene of another victory in the North Atlantic in 1941.

U-552 by Ivan Berryman. (P)
Half Price! - £550.00



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 British infantry supported by Warrior armoured vehicles advance into Iraq, February 1991.

The Storm and the Sabre by Simon Smith.
Half Price! - £50.00
Depicting Colonel Hugh Halkett and the German Landwehr battalion Osnabruck capturing General Cambronne.

The Capture of General Cambronne by Richard Knotel.
Half Price! - £20.00
 Showing William III in full Black Armour at the time of the Battle of Boyne.

William III by Chris Collingwood. (Y)
Half Price! - £60.00
 Polish 7TP (Twin Turret) light tank of Captain F. Michalowskis training company breaks out from the street barricade to counter attack German reconnaissance elements.

Warsaw, September 1939 by David Pentland.
Half Price! - £40.00

<b>Ex display print with one small dent and a couple of scratches, which may be slightly noticeable once framed. </b>
Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanual Gottlieb Leutze. (Y)
Half Price! - £25.00
<b>Slightly noticeable mark on the image - hence the low price of this item. </b>

AD43 by Chris Collingwood. (Y)
Half Price! - £27.50
 Icy rain adds its misery to the bitter conflict on Drumossie Moor. In the shadow of the Black Isle, two English ships on the waters of the Moray Firth, await the outcome of the decisive battle. Pounded by Cumberlands gunners and raked by steady musketry, the Princes brave men can make no headway. Although the Irish and French regulars refuse to give ground, the Jacobite lines gradually disintegrate. Tired, cold and hungry men flea past Culloden House for the relative safety of Inverness. On the Scottish right the Argyll Militia, supported by Hawleys Dragoons, tear down the walls of the Culwiniac and Culchunaig enclosures in an outflanking attack. Avochies men offer some resistance but Major Gillies McBean stands alone on the breach. He cuts down more than a dozen Argylls, including Lord Robert Kerr, who lies mortally wounded, but his foes are too many. The hero eventually falls to a vicious cut to the forehead, his thigh bone is also broken. Despite the cries of a mounted officer to save that brave man, the major is ruthlessly bayonetted, his back against the wall. The victory is complete and nothing more can be done. In the distance, the Young Pretender is forced to abandon the field and Scotlands hope of claiming the British Throne.

Battle of Culloden by Mark Churms.
Half Price! - £50.00
 Battle of Hydaspes. Porus had a very large army which included 200 war elephants. The battle saw a charge by the elephants, against the Macedonian forces, which began to look successful. Seeing this, Porus Cavalry charged, against Alexanders cavalry (in this period it was very unusual to have cavalry contact) The elephant charge began to falter and the battle edged towards victory for Alexander. Due to his admiration of Porus as a leader, Alexander granted him honourable terms and built an alliance with him. His army was not so fortunate, with 3,000 cavalry lost and 20,000 infantry killed.

Defeat of Porus by Alexander the Great 326BC by Francois Louis Joseph Watteau. (Y)
Half Price! - £25.00



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Some Current Half Price Sport Art Offers

 Michael Schumacher wins again!

From Pole to Flag by Graham Bosworth
Half Price! - £20.00
 The Welsh Six Nations Grand Slam of 2005 is completed as Wales beat Ireland in their final game. <br>Results : Cardiff, 5th February : Wales 11 - 9 England<br>Rome, 12th February : Italy 8 - 38 Wales<br>Paris, 26th February : France 18 - 24 Wales<br>Edinburgh, 13th March : Scotland 22 - 46 Wales<br>Cardiff, 19th March : Wales 32 - 20 Ireland.

Grand Slam 2005 by James Owen. (Y)
Half Price! - £60.00
 Following the success of several French imports to Highbury, Arsene Wenger again turned to his home country in search of another midfield maestro.  Robert Pires was duly signed from Marseille in July 2000 in a £6 million deal.  Robert Pires has adjusted quickly to the English game.  Pires and his love affair with English football comes from the intensity of the game teamed with the passion from the Highbury fans.  On describing the fans' reaction when he scores, he said, <i>It's an unbelievablesensation to be standing on the pitch when the whole crowd erupts.</i>  For a man who played in a European championship final, and who won the World Cup, these words must sound sweet to the Highbury faithful.  Robert Pires received the recognition his talent deserved on winning the Football Writer's Player of the Year Award in the 2001/02 season.

Robert Pires by Gary Brandham.
Half Price! - £50.00
 Peter Deighan has superbly captured Jimmy White, John Parrot, Stephen Hendry, James Wattana, John Higgins, Ken Doherty, Ronnie OSullivan and of course the centrepiece, a magnificent study of former World Champion Steve Davis as he Ponders his next shot.  A must for all snooker rooms, clubs and players of this wonderful game.

Kings of the Baize II by Peter Deighan
Half Price! - £180.00

Steeplechasers competing for the Blue Riband.

Chasing for Gold by Chris Howells.
Half Price! - £65.00
 Kentucky - born Steve Cauthen was just 12 years old when his father Tex finally agreed to help the single-minded young man realise a burning ambition to become a jockey provided he didnt let success make him big-headed.  No parental proviso was ever more faithfully fulfilled.  In the year of his seventeenth birthday the kid rode 487 winners of 6 million dollars, including the U.S. Triple Crown on Affirmed.  He went on to captivate British hearts two years later.  By 1984 he was champion. But better was to come. No wonder the fairytale ingredients of 1985 have fired the imagination and talent of Peter Deighan to such compelling effect.

The Golden Boy by Peter Deighan.
Half Price! - £60.00
 Schumacher and Ferrari, the winning team.

Sea of Red by David Evans
Half Price! - £25.00
 Ferrari Pit Stop 2001.
Masters of Strategy II by Michael Thompson.
Half Price! - £33.00

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