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Chinese Navy 

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Chinese Navy.  Photographs and history of the ships of the Chinese Navy, from 1860s - present day





Ting Yuen Class Armoured Turret Ships

Ting Yuen  28th December 1881 Sunk 6th February 1895
Chen Yuan 28th November 1882 Captured by Japan


Hain An Class Screw Frigates

Hai An May 1872
Yu Yuen 1873 Sunk 15th February 1885

Chao Yung Class

Chao Yung 4th November 1880 Sunk 17th September 1894
Yang Wei 29th January 1881 Sunk 17th September 1894
Chi Yuan 1883 Captured 12th February 1895

Kai Che Class

Kai Che 1882 Sunk 22nd June 1902
King Ch'Ing 17th January 1886
Huan T'ai 3rd November 1886 Lost 17th February 1902

Nan Thin Class

Nan Thin 12th December 1883
Nan Shuin 8th January 1884
Fu Ch'ing 1893 Lost 1898

Chih Yuan Class

Chih Yuan 29th September 1886 Sunk 17th September 1894
Ching Yuan 14th December 1886 Sunk 9th February 1895

King Yuan Class

King Yuan 3rd January 1887 Sunk 17th December 1894
Lai Yuan 25th March 1887 Sunk 5th February 1895
Ping Yuen (ex - Lung Wei) June 1888 Captured 12th February 1895

Tung Chi Class

Fu An 1894 Discarded 1930s
Tung Chi 1895 Sunk 11th August 1937

Hai Tien Class

Hai Tien 25th November 1897 Lost April 1904
Hai Chi 24th January 1898 Sunk 1937

Hai Chi

Chao Ho

Chao Ho 23rd October 1911 Sunk 28th September 1937
Ying Swei 14th July 1911 Sunk 25th October 1937
Fein Hung 4th May 1912 Sold to Greece 1914

Hai Yung Class

Hai Yung 1897 Scuttled 11th August 1937

Hai Yung

Hai Chou 1897 Scuttled 11th August 1937
Hai Chen  1898 Scuttled 11th August 1937


Chang Feng Class

Chang Feng June 1911 Wrecked 21st January 1932
Fu Po 1912 Sunk 27th September 1937
Fei Hung 1912 Scuttled 26th September 1937



Tien Tsiw iron gunboat 1863 Became customs boat at Canton

Kwang Tung Class composite gunboats

Kwang Tung 1868 -
Shang Tung 1868 -


Wan Nien Ch'Ing wooden sloop 1869 Sunk in collision 1887

Mei Yuan Class composite gunboats

Mei Yuan 1869 -
Fu Hsing 1869 Sunk 23rd August 1884
Peng Chao Hai composite gunboat 1869 Became customs boat

Fu Po Class wooden sloops

Fu Po 1870 - 76 -
An Lan 1870 -76 -
Fei Yuan 1870 - 76 Sunk 23rd August 1884
Chi An 1870 -76 Sunk 23rd August 1884
Yuan Kai 1870 -76 -
Teng Ying Chen 1870 - 76 -
T'Ai An 1870 -76 -

Chen Hai wooden gunboats

Chen Hai 1871 - 72 -
Ching Yuan 1871 - 72 -
Chen Wei 1871 - 72 Sunk 23rd August 1884
Yang Wu 1872 Sunk 23rd August 1884
Ts'Ao Chiang composite gunboat 1876 Captured by Japanese, 25th July 1894.  renamed Soko

Chien Sheng Class flatiron gunboats

Chien Sheng 1875 Sunk 23rd August 1884
Fu Sheng 1875 Sunk 23rd August 1884
Tiong Sing armoured gunboat 1875 Captured by Japanese at Wei Hai Wei.  Renamed Hei Yuen

Alphaflatiron gunboats

Alpha 1876 Renamed Lung Hsiang, discarded 1895
Beta 1876 Renamed Hu Wei, discarded 1895

Gammaflatiron gunboats

Gamma 1876 Renamed Fei Ting. Discarded 1905
Delta 1876 Renamed Tse Tien.  Discarded 1905

Wei Yuen Class composite sloops

Wei Yuen 1877 - 80 Disarmed July 1885 to become training ship.  torpedoed and sunk by Japanese TB23 at Wei Hai Wei.
Chao Wu 1877 - 80 -
Kang Chi 1877 - 80 Became torpedo training ship
Teng Ch'Ing 1877 - 80 Sunk by French cruiser Bayard, 15th February 1885
Ching Ch'Ing 1877 - 80 -
Heng Hai 1877 -80  -

Epsilonflatiron gunboats

Epsilon 1879 Renamed Chen Tung then captured by Japanese at Wei Hai Wei, renamed Chinto.
Zeta 1879 Renamed Chen Tsi then captured by Japanese at Wei Hai Wei, renamed Chin Sei
Eta 1879 renamed Chen Nan then captured by Japanese at Wai Hei Wai, renamed Chin Nan
Theta 1879 Renamed Chen Pei then captured by the Japanese at Wei Hai Wei, renamed Chin Hoku

Iotaflatiron gunboats

Iota 1880 Renamed Chen Chung, captured 12th February 1885, then became Japanese Chin Chu
Kappa 1880 Renamed Chen Pien, captured 12th February 1885, then became Japanese Chim Pien
Lamda 1880 Renamed Chen Hai
Hoi Tung Hung flatiron gunboat 1880 -
Pao Min unprotected cruiser 1883 Hulked 1903
Kuang Chia composite dispatch vessel 1887 Badly damaged by Japanese 17th September 1894.  Beached, becoming a total loss.

Kuang Yitorpedo gunboats

Kuang Yi 1890 - 91 Sunk 25th July 1894
Kuang P'Ing 1890 - 91 Captured by Japanese at Wei Hai Wei, renamed Kohei Go
Kuang Ting 1890 - 91 -

Chiang Yuan Class gunboats

Chiang Yuan 16th November 1904 Stricken 1963
Chiang Hung 25th June 1907 Wrecked 8th September 1931
Chiang Li 18th August 1907 Scuttled 26th September 1937
Chiang Chen 18th September 1907 Sunk 20th July 1938

Chu Class gunboats

Chu Tai 25th September 1906 Wrecked 1st june 1938
Chu Tung 12th June 1906 Discarded 1960s
Chu Chien 31st July 1906 Scuttled 11th August 1937
Chu Yu 21st February 1907 Sunk 29th September 1937
Chu Yiu 1st April 1907 Sunk 2nd October 1937
Chu Kuan 14th August 1907 Stricken 1960s


Kuan Chuan gunboat 1908 Stricken 1929
An Feng gunboat 1908
Lien Ching gunboat 1910 Sunk 26th August 1937

Chiang Hsi Class river gunboats

Chiang Hsi 1911 Sunk 24th August 1941
Chiang Kun 1912 Sunk 24th August 1941

Chinag Kung Class gunboats

Chiang Kung  1908 Sunk October 1938
Chiang Tai 1908 Sunk 26th September 1937

Yung Hsian Class gunboats

Yung Hsiang 30th March 1912 Scuttled 26th September 1937
Yung Feng 1912 Sunk 24th October 1938
Wu Feng gunboat 1912 Scuttled 11th August 1937

Yung Chien Class gunboats

Yung Chien 1915 Sunk 25th August 1937
Yung Chi 1915 Sunk 21st October 1938

Chien Chung Class river gunboats

Chien Chung June 1915 Paid off 1931
Yung An 1916 Paid off 1931
Kung Chen 1916 Sunk October 1938
Hai Yen river gunboat 1917 Sunk 29th July 1937

Hai Fu Class river gunboats

Hai Fu 1917 -
Hai Ou 1917 -

Hai Hung Class river gunboats

Hai Hung  1917 -
Hau Ku 1917

Hai Ho Class river gunboats

Hai Ho 1917 -
Hai Peng 1920 -

Ex- German river gunboats

Li Chien (ex- Vaterland) taken 20th March 1917 Seized by Japanese, renamed Li Sui 1937
Li Sui (ex - Otter) taken 20th March 1917 broken up 1932

Ex- Italian MTBs

No 1 (ex - Mas 226) purchased 1921 Stricken 1933
No 2 (ex - Mas 227) purchased 1921 Stricken 1933


Vulcan 1st Class

Steel hulled Torpedo Boats made up of three compartments. Displacement: 28 tons, crew 20. Speed: 18.2 to 28.5 Knots Armament: 1 - 37mm Gun and One 14 inch torpedo tube in the bow  and Four Spar Torpedoes 

- 1881 -fate Unknown  (can you help)
- 1881 -fate Unknown  (can you help)

Vulcan 1st Class (2)

- 1883 - 84 -fate Unknown  (can you help)
- 1883 - 84 -fate Unknown  (can you help)
- 1883 - 84 -fate Unknown  (can you help)
- 1883 - 84 -fate Unknown  (can you help)
- 1883 - 84 -fate Unknown  (can you help)
- 1883 - 84 -fate Unknown  (can you help)

Vulcan 2nd Class

- 1883  Captured by Japanese at Wei Hai Wei, 8th February 1895, renamed TB28
- 1883 -fate Unknown  (can you help)
- 1883 -fate Unknown  (can you help)
- 1883 -fate Unknown  (can you help)


Fu Lung (S10) 1885 Captured by Japanese off Wei Hai Wei, 8th February 1895, renamed Fukuryu


Fei Ting 1887 Captured in drydock at Taku, 17th June 1900


TSO I 1887 -

Vulcan 3rd Class

- 1894 Captured by Japanese off Wei Hai Wei, 8th february 1895
- 1894 Captured by the Japanese off Wei Hai Wei, 8th February 1895

Schichau class

Chang (no1) 1895 - 97 -
Lieh (no3) 1895 - 97 -


Chen (no2) 1895 -
Su (no4) 1895 -

Hai Hola Class 

Hai Hola 1898 Captured at Taku, 17th June 1900.
Hai Lung 1898 Captured at Taku, 17th June 1900
Hai Nju 1898 Captured at Taku, 17th June 1900
Hai Ying 1898 Captured at Taku, 17th June 1900


Fei Ying 1895 -

Fei Ying

Chien An Class

Chien An 1900 - 02 Rebuilt 1930, renamed Ta Tung
Chien Wei 1900 - 02 rebuilt 1930, renamed Tse Chion

Hu Peng Class

Hu Peng 10th June 1906 Sunk 1st October 1937
Hu Ngo 10th June 1906 Sunk 8th October 1937
Hu Chung 17th November 1906 Sunk 3rd October 1937
Hu Ying 17th November 1906 Sunk 8th October 1937

137 Fu Zhou at Malta, December 2000.

Haizhou Class Destroyer, commissioned 2000.

Photographed by Patrick D'Agostino. Copyright Cranston Fine Arts.  A reproduction of this original photo  size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  . Order Code  PD637

137 Fu Zhou at Malta, December 2000.

Photographed by Patrick D'Agostino. Copyright Cranston Fine Arts.  A reproduction of this original photo  size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  . Order Code  PD638

137 Fu Zhou at Malta, December 2000.

Photographed by Patrick D'Agostino. Copyright Cranston Fine Arts.  A reproduction of this original photo  size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  . Order Code  PD639

137 Fu Zhou at Malta, December 2000.

Photographed by Patrick D'Agostino. Copyright Cranston Fine Arts.  A reproduction of this original photo  size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  . Order Code  PD640

137 Fu Zhou at Malta, December 2000.

Photographed by Patrick D'Agostino. Copyright Cranston Fine Arts.  A reproduction of this original photo  size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  . Order Code  PD641

137 Fu Zhou at Malta, December 2000.

Photographed by Patrick D'Agostino. Copyright Cranston Fine Arts.  A reproduction of this original photo  size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  . Order Code  PD650



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Some Current Half Price Aviation Art Offers

 B-17 Fortresses of the Bloody Hundredth- the Eighth Air Forces 100th Bomb Group - return to Thorpe Abbotts following a raid on enemy oil refineries, September 11, 1944. Nicolas Trudgians moving tribute to the Bloody Hundredth shows the imaginatively named B-17, Heaven Can Wait, on final approach to Thorpe Abbotts after the intense battle on September 11, 1944. Skilfully piloted by Harry Hempy, the seriously damaged B-17G has struggled 500 miles home on two engines to make it back to England. They lost their tail gunner that fateful day. Below the descending bomber stream, an agricultural traction engine peacefully ploughs the wheat stubble in preparation for next year's vital crop, the farm workers oblivious to the unimaginable traumas so recently experienced by the crews of the returning B-17 Fortresses.

Heaven Can Wait by Nicolas Trudgian. (Y)
Half Price! - £115.00
 A Bristol Beaufort Mk I of No 22 Squadron attacks a railway marshalling yard during raids on the French coast in the Autumn of 1940.

Bristol Beaufort by Ivan Berryman. (P)
Half Price! - £600.00
 Routine, though essential, maintenance is carried out on a 501 Sqn Hurricane at the height of the Battle of Britain during the Summer of 1940.  Hurricane P3059 <i>SD-N</i> in the background is the aircraft of Group Captain Byron Duckenfield.

Ground Force by Ivan Berryman. (B)
Half Price! - £85.00
 With a final 47 victories to his credit, Robert Alexander Little was one of the highest-scoring British aces of World War 1, beginning his career with the famous No 8 (Naval) Squadron in 1916, flying Sopwith Pup N5182, as shown here. On 21st April 1917, he was attacked and shot down by six aircraft of Jasta Boelke, Little being thrown from the cockpit of his Sopwith Camel on impact with the ground. As the German aircraft swooped in to rake the wreckage with machine gun fire, Little pulled his Webley from its holster and began returning fire before being assisted by British infantry with their Lewis guns. Such was the character of this great pilot who finally met his death whilst attacking Gotha bombers on the night of 27th May 1918.

Captain Robert Little by Ivan Berryman. (GL)
Half Price! - £350.00

 Major Hans-Ekkehard Bob is shown claiming his 5th victory – a Blenheim – 60km west of Rotterdam on 26th June 1940.  Bob went on to serve with JG.54, JG.51, JG.3, EJG2.2 and JV.44, scoring a total of 60 confirmed victories in the course of his Luftwaffe service.  The Blenheim claimed as his 5th victory is likely to have been R3776 of No.110 Squadron, which was the only Blenheim recorded to have been lost participating in Operation Soest on that day - while another returned to base damaged and crash landed.  The three crew of the Blenheim were all missing in action - P/O Cyril Ray Worboys, Sgt Gerald Patterson Gainsford and Sgt Kenneth Cooper.

Ltn. Hans-Ekkehard Bob of JG21 Becomes an Ace by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £90.00
 Mystery still surrounds just why Manfred von Richthofen risked so much in chasing the novice pilot Wilfred Wop May into Allied-occupied territory on the morning of Sunday, 21st April 1918, but it was to be his last flight, this error of judgement costing him his life. Von Richthofen had broken from the main fight involving Sopwith Camels of 209 Sqn to chase Mays aircraft, but found himself under attack from the Camel of Captain Roy Brown. All three aircraft turned and weaved low along the Somme River, the all red Triplane coming under intense fire from the ground as well as from Browns aircraft. No one knows exactly who fired the crucial bullet, but Manfred von Richthofens aircraft was seen to dive suddenly and impact with the ground. The Red Baron was dead and his amazing run of 80 victories was over. The painting shows Mays aircraft (D3326) in the extreme distance, pursued by DR.1 (425/17) and Browns Camel (B7270) in the foreground.

Captain Roy Brown engages the Red Baron, 21st April 1918 by Ivan Berryman. (GL)
Half Price! - £300.00
Gerald Coulson said of this painting : <i><br>How very fortunate to be in a position to paint aviation as a result of direct experience.  This aeroplane has been featured in many of my paintings.  The fact that I have flown this machine for years and still do probably has something to do with it.  It is, of course, the de Havilland Tiger Moth, one of the greatest aeroplanes in the world.  Not one of the most comfortable, nor noted for its crisp handling qualities.  It is, nevertheless, a delight in which to be aloft over a sun-dappled landscape.  With the roar of the Gypsy engine, the slipstream singing through the bracing wires and the sun flashing off silvered wing, what more inspiration does an aviation artist require.</i>

Singing Wires by Gerald Coulson.
Half Price! - £40.00
 Flying Officer Eric Loveland and his navigator Sergeant Jack Duffy of No.68 Squadron intercept a German Ju88 intruder on the night of March 17th 1945.

Moonlight Serenade by Troy White.
Half Price! - £70.00



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Some Current Half Price Naval Art Offers

With her mizzen top already gone and her sails aloft having received severe punishment, Victory breaks through the line behind the French flagship Bucentaure, delivering a shattering broadside into her stern.  So severe was this opening fire that the Bucentaure was effectively put out of the rest of the battle, although Admiral Villeneuve himself was to miraculously survive the carnage.  Beyong Victory can be seen the French Redoubtable, which is receiving fire from Victorys starboard guns, and the Spanish San Leandro is in the extreme distance.  Most of Victorys stunsails have been cut away, but it was her stunsail booms that became entangled with the rigging of the Redoubtable when she put her helm to port and ran onto her.  Admiral Nelson fell shortly afterward, having received a fatal wound from a musket ball fired by a French sharpshooter in Redoubtables mizzen fighting top.  The Temeraire can be seen approaching the fray to the right.

Trafalgar - The Destruction of the Bucentaure by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £15.00
 Sunset over Aboukir Bay on 1st August 1798 as ships of the Royal Navy, led by Nelson, conduct their ruthless destruction of the anchored French fleet. Ships shown from left to right. HMS Orion, Spartiate, Aquilon, Peuple Souvrain, HMS Defence, HMS Minotaur and HMS Swiftsure.

Battle of the Nile by Ivan Berryman. (Y)
Half Price! - £60.00
Wednesday, April 10th, 1912. The mighty liner Titanic is shown at anchor in Cherbourg Harbour, all lights ablaze.  Due to her size, she can't pull into port as the piers are too small.  Instead, she is anchored offshore.  Cherbourg passengers finally board tenders and wait to be ferried out to Titanic.  Mail is brought aboard.  By 8:30 p.m. the anchor is raised and the Titanic leaves for Queenstown, Ireland.

RMS Titanic at Cherbourg by Ivan Berryman. (Y)
Half Price! - £40.00
B146.  HMS Jamaica by Ivan Berryman.

HMS Jamaica by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £15.00

HMS Illustrious slips quietly away from the docks at Devonport, Plymouth with the Fiji class cruiser in the middle distance, 1941.

HMS Illustrious and HMS Kenya at Devonport by Ivan Berryman (P)
Half Price! - £3000.00
At 12.30pm on the 21st of October 1805, Admiral Lord Nelson on board his flagship, HMS Victory, breaks the line of the combined French and Spanish fleets.  The Victory is delivering a devastating stern rake to the 80 gun French ship Bucentaure, the flagship of the combined fleets, commanded by Vice-Admiral P. C. J. B. S. Villeneuve.  Starboard to the Victory is the 74 gun Redoutable.  This ship, the Victory and HMS Temeraire, seen left, became locked together soon after, the unequal exchange resulting in the Redoutable having the highest casualties during the entire battle.

Breaking the Line at the Battle of Trafalgar by Graeme Lothian. (AP)
Half Price! - £75.00
 The Dido class cruiser HMS Naiad is pictured together with the cruiser HMS Leander during the encounter with the French Guepard in 1941 whilst they were both engaged in operations against the Vichy-French forces in Syria.

HMS Naiad by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £15.00
 The E-class light cruiser HMS Emerald is shown off the Newfoundland coast in company with a Flower class corvette.  Between October 1939 and August 1940, HMS Emerald carried £58 million in gold from Britain to Canada.

HMS Emerald by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £15.00



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Some Current Half Price Military Art Offers

The Battle of Trafalgar was fought on a calm, almost windless day, on 21st October 1805.  Nelsons revolutionary battle plan was to cut apart the larger Franco-Spanish fleet of Vice-Admiral Villeneuve by sailing in two single column divisions directly at right angles into the combined fleet and thus rendering almost half of the leading ships useless until the could turn and join the fight, which in such calm conditions could take hours.  The battle raged for five hours in which time not one British ship was lost, however, Nelson would tragically lose his life at the very moment of his triumph, a triumph which rendered the British Navy unchallenged in supremacy for over a century.  Here HMS Mars passes between the French ship Belleisle on her starboard and the French ship Fougeux on her port, firing a murderous hail of gunfire at both ships.  Also shown in the painting on the left hand side is the Spanish ship Monarco and the French ship Pluton.

The Battle of Trafalgar - Mars Breaks the Line by Anthony Saunders. (AP)
Half Price! - £60.00
<b>Ex display prints in near perfect condition. </b>

The Passage of the Bidassoa by Wellingtons Army, 7th October 1813 by J P Beadle. (Y)
Half Price! - £25.00
 Camerons and Stuarts attack the centre and flank of Barrells Regiment (4th Foot) at the Battle of Culloden.

Broadsword Charge on Brown Bess by Chris Collingwood. (Y)
Half Price! - £70.00
 The battle of Mons was the first major battle fought by the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) The BEF had advanced along a 20 mile front along the Mons canal, and were on there left flank of the French 5th army. But when the French army had been defeated at the Battle of the Sambre on the 22nd August, The British commander Sir John French agreed to hold his position until the morning of the 23rd. The BEF were attacked by the German First Army . The German infantry advance was repelled by the British infantry and sustained very large losses: the British lost 1600 killed or wounded. But with the French forces retreating the British forces had no alternative but to retreat also, and on the morning of the 24th of August they began retreating to the outskirts of Paris over a fourteen day period.

Retreat From Mons by Lady Elizabeth Butler. (Y)
Half Price! - £35.00

 When 250 well armed and trained rebel tribesmen attacked the small SAS outpost at Mirbat few would have given good odds on their survival.  At the height of the battle Corporal Labalaba and Trooper Savesaki, both Fijians and both wounded fought off relentless assaults by the attacking Adoo.  Firing a World War II vintage 25pdr field gun at point blank range Labalaba finally fell to a snipers bullet just as Captain Kealy and Trooper Tobin reached the gunpit to aid its defence.  Within minutes however Tobin was dead, but Kealy and the remaining defenders critical position was saved by the timely arrival of 2 Omani Strikemaster jets, and helicopters carrying 24 men of G Squadron. 

Sacrifice at Mirbat, Dhofar, Oman, 19th July 1972 by David Pentland. (P)
Half Price! - £1900.00
 British Crusader MK1 tanks of the 4th County of London Yeomanry Regiment, 22nd Armoured Brigade, charge Axis positions during the opening days of the offensive Bir El Gubi.

Operation Crusader, 18th November 1941 by David Pentland. (Y)
Half Price! - £50.00
 Ernst Barkmanns (Das Reich, 2nd SS Panzer Division) famous day long solo engagement against an American Armoured breakthrough towards St. Lo, Normandy, 26th July 1944.

Barkmanns Corner by David Pentland. (GL)
Half Price! - £300.00
Napoleon is shown taking leave of the Imperial Guard outside the Palace of Fontainbleau. With a dramatic final gesture, I cannot embrace you all but I shall embrace your General, and after General Petit, he kissed the eagle of the 1st Grenadiers whose bearer, Lieut Fortin covers his face. The officers at the right are representative of the Allied armies and are considerably less affected by the scene than the Frenchman.

Les Adieux de Fontainebleau by Horace Vernet (B)
Half Price! - £30.00



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Some Current Half Price Sport Art Offers

Celebrating Sir Alexs magnificent orchestration of Manchester Uniteds historic treble cup success of 1999.

Sir Alex Ferguson by Darren Baker.
Half Price! - £50.00
Unarguably the most famous Flying Finn of the past years has been Mika Häkkinen who won the F1 championship twice 1998-1999 and also raced in DTM between 2005 and 2007.

The Flying Finn by Ray Goldsbrough
Half Price! - £20.00
A montage of moments from the outstanding Welsh 6 Nation Championship Grand Slam Victory of 2005.
The Perfect Year - Wales Grand Slam Champions 2005 by Darren Baker. (Y)
Half Price! - £50.00
SPC5002. Jeremy Guscott by Robert Highton.

Jeremy Guscott by Robert Highton.
Half Price! - £55.00

22nd - 24th September 1995, Oakhill Country Club, Rochester, New York.  Against all odds the triumphant European team beat the USA in one of the most dramatic finishes of all time, to bring home the Ryder Cup for Europe.
Ryder Cup Victors by Peter Wileman
Half Price! - £50.00
 It was Saturday 4th May 2002, the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.  Wonderful goals by Ray Parlour and Freddie Ljungberg for Arsenal were too much for their London rivals Chelsea to capture the FA Cup.  Four days later, on Wednesday 8th, Arsenal rode into Old Trafford.  This time a goal by Sylvain Wiltord on his 100th appearance for the club was enough for Arsene Wenger's team to overcome Manchester United and clinch the Premiership title, maintaining a record of scoring in every league game of the season.  For the second time in four years under their long-serving and inspirational captain Tony Adams, Arsenal had performed the classic double of English football, the third in their history making 2001-02, a season never to be forgotten.

The Double 2001 / 2002 by Gary Keane. (Y)
Half Price! - £65.00
B42. Gerhard Berger/ Ferrari 412.T2 by Ivan Berryman.

Gerhard Berger/ Ferrari 412.T2 by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £40.00
 Jimmys total of 516 league appearances produced an amazing 357 goals.

Greavsie by Gary Keane.
Half Price! - £55.00

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