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Chinese Navy 

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Chinese Navy.  Photographs and history of the ships of the Chinese Navy, from 1860s - present day





Ting Yuen Class Armoured Turret Ships

Ting Yuen  28th December 1881 Sunk 6th February 1895
Chen Yuan 28th November 1882 Captured by Japan


Hain An Class Screw Frigates

Hai An May 1872
Yu Yuen 1873 Sunk 15th February 1885

Chao Yung Class

Chao Yung 4th November 1880 Sunk 17th September 1894
Yang Wei 29th January 1881 Sunk 17th September 1894
Chi Yuan 1883 Captured 12th February 1895

Kai Che Class

Kai Che 1882 Sunk 22nd June 1902
King Ch'Ing 17th January 1886
Huan T'ai 3rd November 1886 Lost 17th February 1902

Nan Thin Class

Nan Thin 12th December 1883
Nan Shuin 8th January 1884
Fu Ch'ing 1893 Lost 1898

Chih Yuan Class

Chih Yuan 29th September 1886 Sunk 17th September 1894
Ching Yuan 14th December 1886 Sunk 9th February 1895

King Yuan Class

King Yuan 3rd January 1887 Sunk 17th December 1894
Lai Yuan 25th March 1887 Sunk 5th February 1895
Ping Yuen (ex - Lung Wei) June 1888 Captured 12th February 1895

Tung Chi Class

Fu An 1894 Discarded 1930s
Tung Chi 1895 Sunk 11th August 1937

Hai Tien Class

Hai Tien 25th November 1897 Lost April 1904
Hai Chi 24th January 1898 Sunk 1937

Hai Chi

Chao Ho

Chao Ho 23rd October 1911 Sunk 28th September 1937
Ying Swei 14th July 1911 Sunk 25th October 1937
Fein Hung 4th May 1912 Sold to Greece 1914

Hai Yung Class

Hai Yung 1897 Scuttled 11th August 1937

Hai Yung

Hai Chou 1897 Scuttled 11th August 1937
Hai Chen  1898 Scuttled 11th August 1937


Chang Feng Class

Chang Feng June 1911 Wrecked 21st January 1932
Fu Po 1912 Sunk 27th September 1937
Fei Hung 1912 Scuttled 26th September 1937



Tien Tsiw iron gunboat 1863 Became customs boat at Canton

Kwang Tung Class composite gunboats

Kwang Tung 1868 -
Shang Tung 1868 -


Wan Nien Ch'Ing wooden sloop 1869 Sunk in collision 1887

Mei Yuan Class composite gunboats

Mei Yuan 1869 -
Fu Hsing 1869 Sunk 23rd August 1884
Peng Chao Hai composite gunboat 1869 Became customs boat

Fu Po Class wooden sloops

Fu Po 1870 - 76 -
An Lan 1870 -76 -
Fei Yuan 1870 - 76 Sunk 23rd August 1884
Chi An 1870 -76 Sunk 23rd August 1884
Yuan Kai 1870 -76 -
Teng Ying Chen 1870 - 76 -
T'Ai An 1870 -76 -

Chen Hai wooden gunboats

Chen Hai 1871 - 72 -
Ching Yuan 1871 - 72 -
Chen Wei 1871 - 72 Sunk 23rd August 1884
Yang Wu 1872 Sunk 23rd August 1884
Ts'Ao Chiang composite gunboat 1876 Captured by Japanese, 25th July 1894.  renamed Soko

Chien Sheng Class flatiron gunboats

Chien Sheng 1875 Sunk 23rd August 1884
Fu Sheng 1875 Sunk 23rd August 1884
Tiong Sing armoured gunboat 1875 Captured by Japanese at Wei Hai Wei.  Renamed Hei Yuen

Alphaflatiron gunboats

Alpha 1876 Renamed Lung Hsiang, discarded 1895
Beta 1876 Renamed Hu Wei, discarded 1895

Gammaflatiron gunboats

Gamma 1876 Renamed Fei Ting. Discarded 1905
Delta 1876 Renamed Tse Tien.  Discarded 1905

Wei Yuen Class composite sloops

Wei Yuen 1877 - 80 Disarmed July 1885 to become training ship.  torpedoed and sunk by Japanese TB23 at Wei Hai Wei.
Chao Wu 1877 - 80 -
Kang Chi 1877 - 80 Became torpedo training ship
Teng Ch'Ing 1877 - 80 Sunk by French cruiser Bayard, 15th February 1885
Ching Ch'Ing 1877 - 80 -
Heng Hai 1877 -80  -

Epsilonflatiron gunboats

Epsilon 1879 Renamed Chen Tung then captured by Japanese at Wei Hai Wei, renamed Chinto.
Zeta 1879 Renamed Chen Tsi then captured by Japanese at Wei Hai Wei, renamed Chin Sei
Eta 1879 renamed Chen Nan then captured by Japanese at Wai Hei Wai, renamed Chin Nan
Theta 1879 Renamed Chen Pei then captured by the Japanese at Wei Hai Wei, renamed Chin Hoku

Iotaflatiron gunboats

Iota 1880 Renamed Chen Chung, captured 12th February 1885, then became Japanese Chin Chu
Kappa 1880 Renamed Chen Pien, captured 12th February 1885, then became Japanese Chim Pien
Lamda 1880 Renamed Chen Hai
Hoi Tung Hung flatiron gunboat 1880 -
Pao Min unprotected cruiser 1883 Hulked 1903
Kuang Chia composite dispatch vessel 1887 Badly damaged by Japanese 17th September 1894.  Beached, becoming a total loss.

Kuang Yitorpedo gunboats

Kuang Yi 1890 - 91 Sunk 25th July 1894
Kuang P'Ing 1890 - 91 Captured by Japanese at Wei Hai Wei, renamed Kohei Go
Kuang Ting 1890 - 91 -

Chiang Yuan Class gunboats

Chiang Yuan 16th November 1904 Stricken 1963
Chiang Hung 25th June 1907 Wrecked 8th September 1931
Chiang Li 18th August 1907 Scuttled 26th September 1937
Chiang Chen 18th September 1907 Sunk 20th July 1938

Chu Class gunboats

Chu Tai 25th September 1906 Wrecked 1st june 1938
Chu Tung 12th June 1906 Discarded 1960s
Chu Chien 31st July 1906 Scuttled 11th August 1937
Chu Yu 21st February 1907 Sunk 29th September 1937
Chu Yiu 1st April 1907 Sunk 2nd October 1937
Chu Kuan 14th August 1907 Stricken 1960s


Kuan Chuan gunboat 1908 Stricken 1929
An Feng gunboat 1908
Lien Ching gunboat 1910 Sunk 26th August 1937

Chiang Hsi Class river gunboats

Chiang Hsi 1911 Sunk 24th August 1941
Chiang Kun 1912 Sunk 24th August 1941

Chinag Kung Class gunboats

Chiang Kung  1908 Sunk October 1938
Chiang Tai 1908 Sunk 26th September 1937

Yung Hsian Class gunboats

Yung Hsiang 30th March 1912 Scuttled 26th September 1937
Yung Feng 1912 Sunk 24th October 1938
Wu Feng gunboat 1912 Scuttled 11th August 1937

Yung Chien Class gunboats

Yung Chien 1915 Sunk 25th August 1937
Yung Chi 1915 Sunk 21st October 1938

Chien Chung Class river gunboats

Chien Chung June 1915 Paid off 1931
Yung An 1916 Paid off 1931
Kung Chen 1916 Sunk October 1938
Hai Yen river gunboat 1917 Sunk 29th July 1937

Hai Fu Class river gunboats

Hai Fu 1917 -
Hai Ou 1917 -

Hai Hung Class river gunboats

Hai Hung  1917 -
Hau Ku 1917

Hai Ho Class river gunboats

Hai Ho 1917 -
Hai Peng 1920 -

Ex- German river gunboats

Li Chien (ex- Vaterland) taken 20th March 1917 Seized by Japanese, renamed Li Sui 1937
Li Sui (ex - Otter) taken 20th March 1917 broken up 1932

Ex- Italian MTBs

No 1 (ex - Mas 226) purchased 1921 Stricken 1933
No 2 (ex - Mas 227) purchased 1921 Stricken 1933


Vulcan 1st Class

Steel hulled Torpedo Boats made up of three compartments. Displacement: 28 tons, crew 20. Speed: 18.2 to 28.5 Knots Armament: 1 - 37mm Gun and One 14 inch torpedo tube in the bow  and Four Spar Torpedoes 

- 1881 -fate Unknown  (can you help)
- 1881 -fate Unknown  (can you help)

Vulcan 1st Class (2)

- 1883 - 84 -fate Unknown  (can you help)
- 1883 - 84 -fate Unknown  (can you help)
- 1883 - 84 -fate Unknown  (can you help)
- 1883 - 84 -fate Unknown  (can you help)
- 1883 - 84 -fate Unknown  (can you help)
- 1883 - 84 -fate Unknown  (can you help)

Vulcan 2nd Class

- 1883  Captured by Japanese at Wei Hai Wei, 8th February 1895, renamed TB28
- 1883 -fate Unknown  (can you help)
- 1883 -fate Unknown  (can you help)
- 1883 -fate Unknown  (can you help)


Fu Lung (S10) 1885 Captured by Japanese off Wei Hai Wei, 8th February 1895, renamed Fukuryu


Fei Ting 1887 Captured in drydock at Taku, 17th June 1900


TSO I 1887 -

Vulcan 3rd Class

- 1894 Captured by Japanese off Wei Hai Wei, 8th february 1895
- 1894 Captured by the Japanese off Wei Hai Wei, 8th February 1895

Schichau class

Chang (no1) 1895 - 97 -
Lieh (no3) 1895 - 97 -


Chen (no2) 1895 -
Su (no4) 1895 -

Hai Hola Class 

Hai Hola 1898 Captured at Taku, 17th June 1900.
Hai Lung 1898 Captured at Taku, 17th June 1900
Hai Nju 1898 Captured at Taku, 17th June 1900
Hai Ying 1898 Captured at Taku, 17th June 1900


Fei Ying 1895 -

Fei Ying

Chien An Class

Chien An 1900 - 02 Rebuilt 1930, renamed Ta Tung
Chien Wei 1900 - 02 rebuilt 1930, renamed Tse Chion

Hu Peng Class

Hu Peng 10th June 1906 Sunk 1st October 1937
Hu Ngo 10th June 1906 Sunk 8th October 1937
Hu Chung 17th November 1906 Sunk 3rd October 1937
Hu Ying 17th November 1906 Sunk 8th October 1937

137 Fu Zhou at Malta, December 2000.

Haizhou Class Destroyer, commissioned 2000.

Photographed by Patrick D'Agostino. Copyright Cranston Fine Arts.  A reproduction of this original photo  size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  . Order Code  PD637

137 Fu Zhou at Malta, December 2000.

Photographed by Patrick D'Agostino. Copyright Cranston Fine Arts.  A reproduction of this original photo  size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  . Order Code  PD638

137 Fu Zhou at Malta, December 2000.

Photographed by Patrick D'Agostino. Copyright Cranston Fine Arts.  A reproduction of this original photo  size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  . Order Code  PD639

137 Fu Zhou at Malta, December 2000.

Photographed by Patrick D'Agostino. Copyright Cranston Fine Arts.  A reproduction of this original photo  size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  . Order Code  PD640

137 Fu Zhou at Malta, December 2000.

Photographed by Patrick D'Agostino. Copyright Cranston Fine Arts.  A reproduction of this original photo  size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  . Order Code  PD641

137 Fu Zhou at Malta, December 2000.

Photographed by Patrick D'Agostino. Copyright Cranston Fine Arts.  A reproduction of this original photo  size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  . Order Code  PD650



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Some Current Half Price Aviation Art Offers

 Junkers JU87 R-1 Stukas find a gap in the cloudbase en route to their target during the Norwegian Campaign of 1941.

Dawn Raiders by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £50.00
 Lieutenant Robert C Wattenburger shows off the unique lines of the Vought F.4U Corsair 124723 (NP-8) of VC-3 during a low-level fly-by of USS Valley Forge in May, 1952.

Valley Forge Fly-By by Ivan Berryman. (P)
Half Price! - £600.00
 A pair of De Havilland Mosquito NF. MkII night fighters of 23 Squadron, based at Bradwell Bay, Essex in 1942.

Night Raiders by Ivan Berryman. (Y)
Half Price! - £52.50
 This aircraft is credited with flying 126 missions without an abort for the 447th Bomb Group and was one of only three original aircraft to survive the war and return to the US.  To the left can be seen the famous A Bit O Lace.  All these aircraft were based at Rattlesden.  The scene is early 1945, the aircraft flying out to bomb rail marshalling yards.

Scheherazade by Tim Fisher.
Half Price! - £50.00

 It is August 1944, barely two months since the Allies landed their first troops on the beaches of Normandy. After the failed Operation Lüttich (codename given to a German counterattack during the Battle of Normandy, which took place around the American positions near Mortain from 7 August to 13 August, 1944 ) The German Panzer Divisions were in full retreat, The British and American Generals believed it to be critical to halt them before they cauld regroup. Caught in the Gap at Falaise, the battle was to be decisive. Flying throughout a continuous onslaught, rocket-firing Typhoons kept up their attacks on the trapped armoured divisions from dawn to dusk. The effect was devastating: at the end of the ten day battle the 100,000 strong German force was decimated. The battle of the Falaise Pocket marked the closing phase of the Battle of Normandy with a decisive German defeat. It is believed that between 80,000 to 100,000 German troops were caught in the encirclement of which 10,000 to 15,000 were killed, 45,000 to 50,000 taken prisoner, and around 20,000 escaped . Shown here are German Tiger I tanks under continues attack by Royal Aoir Force Typhoons.

Taming the Tiger by Geoff Lea. (Y)
Half Price! - £50.00
 Lancasters of 617 Sqn Dambusters get airborne from their Scampton base at the start of their journey to the Ruhr Valley on the night of 16th May 1943 under the codename Operation Chastise. These are aircraft of the First Wave, led by Wing Commander Guy Gibson, the Second Wave having already departed some ten minutes earlier to negotiate a more northerly route to their targets. On this momentous night, both the Möhne and Eder dams were successfully breached, whilst the Sorpe was also hit, but without serious damage. Of the nineteen aircraft that took part in the mission, eleven returned safely.

The Dambusters by Ivan Berryman. (Y)
Half Price! - £40.00
Dakota G-AMPZ (formerly KN442) of Air Atlantique resplendent in the commemorative livery of RAF Transport Command heads out across the English coast, back to Berlin?  Still flying more than 50 years after serving valiantly on the Berlin Airlift, this aircraft carries out the bulk of the airlines passenger charters.  These prints are signed by the current crew.
Perpetual Motion II by Robert Tomlin.
Half Price! - £55.00
B20.  Red Arrows Break Left by Ivan Berryman.

Red Arrows Break Left by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £50.00



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Some Current Half Price Naval Art Offers

Viewed across the damaged stern of the 80-gun San Nicholas, Nelson drives HMS Captain onto the Spanish vessel in order that she can be boarded and taken as a prize, the British marines and men scrambling up the Captains bowsprit to use it as a bridge.  The San Nicholas then fouled the Spanish three decker San Joseph (112), allowing Nelson and his men to take both ships as prizes in a single manoeuvre.  A British frigate is moving into a supporting position in the middle distance.

HMS Captain at the Battle of Cape St Vincent by Ivan Berryman (P)
Half Price! - £5250.00
 On the 1st of August 1798, thirteen French ships of the line sat anchored in Aboukir Bay off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt, in support of Napoleon who was inland with his troops attempting to conquer the country. As nighttime approached so did Lord Horatio Nelson and the British fleet. Nelson had been hunting Napoleon at sea for months; at Aboukir Bay he had found the French fleet, trapped and unprepared for battle. Nelsons audacious plan was to attack the French on their unprotected prot side, the plan had its risks; the whole of the British fleet could run aground in the shallows - but Nelson knew the waters too well. The Battle of the Nile was one of the most decisive in the history of naval warfare. By the end of the battle nearly all the French ships were sunk or captured. The 124-gun flagship - and the pride of the French navy - LOrient, had exploded with such ferocity that it halted the battle for over ten minutes. Napoleons ability to dominate the region had been crushed, whilst Nelson was to become a hero throughout the whole of Britain.

Battle of the Nile by Anthony Saunders. (Y)
Half Price! - £305.00
Ships of the Falklands Task Force formate following the Argentine surrender in 1982.  Nearest is Leander class frigate HMS Andromeda with RFA Brambleleaf in her wake.  The Type 22 frigate HMS Brilliant is to the left of the picture, with the carrier HMS Invincible dominating the right.  HMS Hermes and her escorts are in the extreme distance.

Victory Parade by Ivan Berryman. (P)
Half Price! - £2900.00
B111AP. The Pursuit of the Graf Spee by Ivan Berryman.

The Pursuit of the Graf Spee by Ivan Berryman (AP)
Half Price! - £25.00

Midday, 21st October 1805, and Admiral Collingwoods flagship, the 100-gun HMS Royal Sovereign, breaks the allied line and delivers a shattering broadside on the Spanish flagship Santa Anna. Making great speed, Collingwoods ship had breached the Franco-Spanish line some distance ahead of the rest of his van and the Royal Sovereign suffered heavily as she quickly drew the attentions of three French and three Spanish ships. To her starboard, the French Indomitable can be seen firing into the British flagship while, astern of the Santa Anna, Belleisle and Fougueux are engaging ahead of Mars, Monarca and Pluton.

HMS Royal Sovereign at the Battle of Trafalgar by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £15.00
 HMS Norfolk and HMS Belfast of Force I are shown engaging the Scharnhorst which has already been hit and disabled by both HMS Duke of York and the cruiser HMS Jamaica.  Scharnhorst was never to escape the clutches of the British and Norwegian forces for, having been slowed to just a few knots by numerous hits, fell victim to repeated torpedo attacks by the allied cruisers and destroyers that had trapped the German marauder.

HMS Norfolk at the Battle of the North Cape by Ivan Berryman (AP)
Half Price! - £25.00
 Forming part of the Eastern Task Force covering the landings at Normandy in June 1944, the cruiser HMS Mauritius is shown in company with the monitor HMS Roberts and the cruiser HMS Frobisher shelling German batteries at Merville, Houlgate and Benerville as the combined British and American forces embark upon what would become known forever as D-Day.

Operation Neptune by Ivan Berryman (P)
Half Price! - £500.00
 The Queen Elizabeth class battleship HMS Malaya is pictured at Capetown in April 1942 en route to Durban from Gibraltar. A veteran of the First World War, Malaya took part in the Battle of Jutland, receiving eight hits, and going on to serve throughout World War Two, surviving a torpedo off Cape Verde in 1941. She is seen here about to recover her Fairey Swordfish floatplane beneath the dramatic outline of Table Mountain.

HMS Malaya at Capetown, South Africa. by Ivan Berryman (Y)
Half Price! - £70.00



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Some Current Half Price Military Art Offers

 Depicting the Light Brigade at the moment of reaching the Russian guns. Shown are the 11th Hussars and the 17th Lancers.  The all time classic image of the disastrous  Charge of the Light Brigade which included the 17th lancers, who lead the charge.  Lord Cardigan is shown on the left, dressed in his 11th Hussars uniform.   The Light Brigade were being kept in reserve, after the successful charge of the heavy brigade, but the slow advance of the British Infantry to take advantage of the heavy brigades success had given the Russian forces time to take away Artillery pieces from captured redoubts.  Raglan, after seeing this ordered the light brigade to advance rapidly to the front, follow the enemy and try to prevent the enemy carrying away the guns. This message taken by Captain Nolan, to Lord Lucan, the cavalry Commander.  One of the Officers of Raglans Staff, urged Lucan, who could only see the main Russian Artillery position at the head of a valley.  Lord Lucan rode over to Cardigan and ordered him to attack these guns.  So the Light Brigade charged these Russian guns, and not the guns being taken away by Russian forces from the redoubts. The carnage was great, from the 673 men who started the charge, 113 men were killed and many others wounded. The Light Brigade was made up of the 4th and 13th Light Dragoons, 8th and 11th Hussars and the 17th Lancers. A spectating French Officer General Pierre Bosquet proclaimed - It is magnificent but it is not war.

Relief of the Light Brigade by Richard Caton Woodville. (Y)
Half Price! - £20.00
DHM807.  Assiniboin Warrior by Alan Herriot.

Assiniboin Warrior by Alan Herriot.
Half Price! - £30.00
 Napoleons farewell to Josephine.
My Destiny and France by Laslett Pott. (Y)
Half Price! - £30.00
 Admiral Cuthbert Collingwoods flagship the Royal Sovereign comes under intense fire from the black-painted Spanish 3-decker, Santa Ana, and the French 74 Fougueux, just prior to breaking through the Franco-Spanish line at Trafalgar.
HMS Royal Sovereign by Ivan Berryman. (P)
Half Price! - £625.00

Between 18th and 23rd February, 1991, immediately preceding the ground assault, Iraqi defensive positions were bombarded by British and American artillery.  The Artillery Raids took place just inside the Saudi border all along the front line, from the east coast to west of the Wadi al Batin.  The 1st Armoured Division's contribution to the raids was the largest concentration of British artillery since the Second World War.  Further behind the M109 and M110 guns and the locating batteries were the armoured vehicle-mounted rocket launchers of the Multi-Launch Rocket System (MLRS).  39 Heavy Regiment, the only British regiment equipped with MLRS, fired five 'fireplans', one of them at night.  MLRS can ripple-fire 12 rockets in less than one minute.  The Artillery Raids were a major factor in the success of Operation Desert Sword because they contributed to the deception plan by concealing the main point of effort.  The ammunition itself was terrifyingly destructive.  Furthermore, Iraqi morale, already damaged by the air assaults, was crushed by the artillery bombardment.  At the right of the scene a DROPS vehicle of the Royal Corps of Transport is delivering Rocket Pod Containers, and gunners are preparing to re-arm the MLRS.
The Artillery Raids, 18th / 23rd February 1991 by David Rowlands. (GL)
Half Price! - £300.00
 Richard Duke of Gloucester (later Richard III), after the Battle of Tewkesbury, 4th May 1471. Banners are of Richard Duke of Gloucesters White Boar and Sir John Stafford Of Mordaunts (created Earl of Wiltshire by Edward IV) coat of arms.

Richard III by Chris Collingwood. (Y)
Half Price! - £50.00
 An SAS team is picked up by a U.S. Army Special Forces Blackhawk helicopter after a successful operation against the Taliban.

Extraction - Afghanistan 2011 by David Pentland. (AP)
Half Price! - £85.00
Showing the charge of the Scots Greys and the Inniskillings at Balaclava.
Charge of the Heavy Brigade by Orlando Norie.
Half Price! - £20.00



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Some Current Half Price Sport Art Offers

 The Intercontinental Formula was first organised by British Racing Drivers Club to allow the racing of cars with 2000cc to 3000cc engines. At the time the 1500cc limit of Formula 1 had been instituted by the international ruling body in the belief that the smaller cars would mean safer racing. In reality this meant that the relatively easy to handle Formula 1 cars could be driven by less experienced drivers almost as fast as the most experienced master drivers. The result was that the car with fractionally more power was the deciding factor in winning the race, rather than the better driver but this also compromised track safety. The introduction of the Intercontinental Formula was seen as more of a challenge for the drivers, with the larger and more powerful cars requiring greater skill and experience than to drive the 1500cc cars of Formula 1. The 13th International Trophy on Saturday 6th May 1961 was the first race of the season to carry World Championship points and consisted of 80 laps of Silverstone, a total of 233 miles. Stirling Moss, having already won the International Sports Car Race in a Lotus earlier that day, was driving Rob Walkers 2.5 litre Cooper Climax and qualified 2nd on the grid despite being unhappy with the steering of his car. The starting grid front row was Bruce McLaren, Stirling Moss, Jack Brabham and Graham Hill and by the time the race started at 2.30pm a heavy rain meant that the track was not only soaked but also covered in oil and rubber from the previous races. World Champion Jack Brabham made a superb start, passed Moss and was first into Copse and by lap 4 Moss was in 3rd place led by Surtees and Brabham. Due to appalling conditions and poor visibility many of the cars were spinning or leaving the track and by lap 13 Brabham and Moss were 1st and 2nd with the rest of the field some distance behind. Moss now poured on the pressure and for the next few laps he tried to pass as he harried Brabham in a duel for the lead. The pair were now beginning to lap the tailenders and, at around a quarter of the distance Moss was held up by Flockhart, Brabhams team member, who had allowed Brabham to pass. Moss gestured angrily to Flockhart as he was unable to follow Brabham and, as the rain paused for a while the pace became faster. Suddenly and quite dramatically Moss passed both Flockhart and Brabham and within 2 laps had gained 5 seconds on the World Champion. As the rain returned in a deluge Moss mercilessly pushed on, increasing his lead to 1.5 minutes by the halfway mark. Although he could have taken things easily at this point Moss drove on relentlessly at a seemingly impossible pace and was now lapping most of the field for a second time. By the ¾ stage he completed his humiliation of Brabham by passing him for a second time to lap him representing a 3 mile lead. Moss eventually won the race in 2hrs 41 mins 19.2 secs, 1.5 laps ahead of Brabham and at least two laps ahead of the rest of the field in what were treacherous conditions. At the end of the race Moss summed up the experience as a nice ride, having proved himself to be one of the greatest and fastest drivers in the world under any conditions. Sir Stirling Moss believes this to be one of his finest ever drives.

A Moment of Triumph by Gerald Coulson. (Y)
Half Price! - £75.00
Neil Hodgson puts in 100% to achieve Pole Position, his 1st Double Win, the 1st Win for the Ducati 999 and the race and lap record at Valencia, March 2003.
One Hundred Percent by Dave Foord.
Half Price! - £130.00
Passing the stand in the Galway Plate.

With a Circuit To Go by Chris Howells.
Half Price! - £70.00
 Jim Clark in his Lotus-Ford 38 winning in the record breaking 1965 Indianapolis 500 Mile Classic.

Jim Clark by Ray Goldsbrough.
Half Price! - £75.00

 Damon Hill, World Champion

King of the Track by Stuart Coffield
Half Price! - £20.00
DB006. Michael Schumacher by Darren Baker.
Michael Schumacher by Darren Baker.
Half Price! - £75.00
B42. Gerhard Berger/ Ferrari 412.T2 by Ivan Berryman.

Gerhard Berger/ Ferrari 412.T2 by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £40.00
B50. Jean Alesi/ Ferrari 412 by Ivan Berryman.

Jean Alesi/ Ferrari 412 by Ivan Berryman.
Half Price! - £40.00

Everything we obtain for this site is shown on the site, we do not have any more photos, crew lists or further information on any of the ships.


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