Light Cruisers

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Light cruisers of the German Navy. History and photographs of German Light Cruiser Classes including Meteor, Bussard, Gazelle, Bremen, K?igsberg, Dresden, Kolberg, Magdeburg, Karlsruhe, Graudenz, Pillau, Wiesbaden, K?igsberg II and C?n classes.


Arcona Class        wooden screw frigates
Arcona 19th May 1858 Latterly used as a target ship then scrapped in 1884.
Gazelle 19th December 1859 Sold for scrap in 1904.
Vineta 4th June 1863 Sold for scrap in 1904.
Hertha 1st October 1864 Sold for scrap in 1904.
Elisabeth 18th October 1868 Sold for scrap in 1904.
Nymphe Class            wooden flush-decked screw corvettes
Nymphe 15th April 1863 Scrapped after 1887.
Medusa 20th October 1864 Scrapped after 1881.
Augusta Class          wooden flush-decked screw corvettes
Augusta 1864 Sunk during a hurricane on 2nd June 1885, all hands lost.
Victoria 1864 Scrapped in 1892.
Ariadne Class    wooden flush-decked screw corvettes               View Class
Ariadne 21st July 1871 Scrapped in 1891.
Luise 16th December 1872 Scrapped in 1897.
Freya 29th December 1874 Scrapped in 1896.
Leipzig Class    iron flush-decked corvettes                       View Class
Leipzig 13th September 1875 Hulked in 1894.
Sedan 17th June 1876 Hulked in 1890.
Bismarck Class    iron flush-decked corvettes
Bismarck 25th July 1877 Hulked in 1891.
Bl?her 20th September 1877 Sold as a hulk in 1908.
Stosch 8th October 1877 Broken up and used for scrap in 1907.
Moltke 18th October 1877 Hulked in 1910.
Gneisenau 4th September 1879 Wrecked on 16th December 1900.
Stein 14th September 1879 Hulked in 1908.
Carola Class     iron flush-decked corvettes     View Class
Carola 27th November 1880 Broken up for scrap in 1906.
Olga 11th December 1880 Sold in 1906 and broken up for scrap two years later.
Marie 20th August 1881 Broken up for scrap in 1909.
Sophie 10th November 1881 Hulked in 1908.
Alexandrine 7th February 1885 Broken up for scrap in 1907.
Arcona 7th May 1885 Broken up for scrap in 1906.
Nixe      23rd July 1885 Hulked in 1911.
Charlotte 5th August 1885 Hulked in 1911.
Schwalbe Class
Schwalbe 16th August 1887 Used as a harbour ship in 1911.
Sperber 23rd August 1889 Hulked in 1912.
Bussard Class            Click to View class
Bussard 23rd January 1890 Stricken on 25th October 1912.
Falke 4th April 1891 Stricken on 25th October 1912.
Seeadler 2nd February 1892 Hulked in 1914 and then sunk on 19th April 1917.
Condor 23rd February 1992 Stricken on 18th November 1920.
Cormoran 17th May 1892 Scuttled on 28th September 1914.
Geier 18th October 1894 Captured by the US Navy in 1917 and then sunk on 21st June 1918.
Zieten 9th March 1876 Broken up 1921
Blitz Class    avisos
Blitz 26th August 1882 Broken up 1921
Pfeil 16th September 1882 Broken up 1922
Greif 29th July 1886 Hulked 1912
Wacht Class    avisos
Wacht 27th August 1887 Lost 4th September 1901
Jagid 7th July 1888 Hulked 1910
Meteor Class   avisos
Meteor 20th January 1890 Stricken on 24th June 1911.
Comet 15th November 1892 Stricken on 24th June 1911.
Gefion 31st March 1898 Used as a merchant ship in 1920.
Hela 28th March 1895 Sunk by British Submarine E9 with the loss of two crew on 13th September 1914.
Gazelle Class           View Class
Gazelle 31st March 1898 Stricken on 28th August 1920.
Niobe 18th July 1899 Stricken on 24th June 1925.
Nymphe 21st November 1899 Stricken on 29th August 1931.
Thetis 3rd July 1900 Stricken on 27th September 1929.
Ariadne 10th August 1900 Sunk on 28th August 1914.
Amazone 6th October 1900 Stricken on 31st March 1913.
Medusa 5th December 1900 Stricken on 27th March 1929 and scuttled on 3rd May 1945.
Frauenlob 22nd March 1902 Sunk on 31st May 1916.
Arcona 22nd October 1902 Stricken on 15th January 1930, scuttled on 3rd May 1945.
Undine 11th December 1902 Sunk on 7th November 1915.
Bremen Class                     View Class
SMS Bremen 9th July 1903 Mined on 17th December 1915.
SMS Hamburg 25th July 1903 Stricken on 31st March 1931.
SMS Berlin 22nd September 1903 Hulked in 1935, scuttled in 1947.
SMS L?eck 26th March 1904 Stricken on 5th November 1919.
M?chen 30th April 1904 Stricken on 5th November 1919.
Leipzig 21st March 1905 Sunk 8th December 1914.
Danzig 23rd September 1905 Stricken on 5th November 1919.
Koningsberg Class                           View Class
Kb>nigsberg 12th December 1905 Scuttled on 11th July 1915.
Nurnberg 29th August 1908 Sunk on 8th December 1914.
Stuttgart 22nd September 1906 Broken up in 1921.
Stettin 7th July 1907 Broken up over the years 1921-23.
Dresden Class
Dresden 5th October 1907 Scuttled 14th March 1915.
Emden 26th May 1908 Sunk 9th November 1914.
Kolberg Class                         View Class
Kolberg 14th November 1908 Broken up in 1929.
Mainz 23rd January 1909 Sunk on 28th August 1914.
Coln (or K?n) 5th June 1909 Sunk on 28th August 1914.
Augsberg 10th July 1909 Broken up in 1922.
Magdeburg Class                       View Class
Magdeburg 13th May 1911 Sunk on 26th August 1914.
Breslau 16th May 1911 Sunk on 20th January 1918.
Strassburg 24th August 1911 Sunk on 23rd October 1943
Stralsund 4th November 1911 Broken up in 1935.
Karlsruhe Class                     View Class
Karlsruhe 11th November 1912 Sunk on 4th November 1914.
Rostock 11th December 1912 Sunk on 1st June 1916.
Graudenz Class                        View Class
Graudenz 25th October 1913 Ceded to Italy in 1921.and became Ancona broken up in 1938
Regensburg 25th April 1914 Ceded to France 1920. and became the new Strasbourg she was broken up in 1944
Pillau Class
Pillau 11th April 1914 Ceded to Italy 1921. and became Bari. Sunk in 1943 by US aircraft 
Elbing 21st November 1914 Sunk on 1st June 1916. 
Wiesbaden Class                      View Class
Wiesbaden 30th January 1915 Sunk on 1st June 1916.
Frankfurt 20th March 1915 Sunk 18th July 1921.
K?igsberg II Class                   View Class
K?igsberg ii 18th December 1915 Ceded to France in 1920.
Karlsruhe ii 31st January 1916 Scuttled 21st June 1919.
Emden ii 1st February 1916 Broken up 16th December 1926.
N?nberg ii 14th April 1916 Sunk 7th July 1922.
C?n Class
C?n ii 5th October 1916 Scuttled 21st June 1919.
Wiesbaden ii 3rd March 1917 Broken up in 1920.
Dresden ii 25th April 1917 Scuttled 21st June 1919.