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David Pentland

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We began publishing military art in the mid-1980s and have continued to do so ever since.  Our commitment to commissioning new military art as well as publishing new prints of old classic military paintings has brought our customers the widest range of military art available anywhere.  With many new publications each month, we have military art items of almost any period you care to name.  From ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece to Vikings and the medieval era.  Our art includes the English Civil War, Napoleonic Wars, British wars of the Victorian era and of course, World War One and World War Two.  In addition, we have also published current military art such as Afghanistan and Iraq - with artists visiting these war zones for first hand knowledge.  


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Our collection of tank art brings our customers military artwork of over 50 different tanks from the first world war to the present day.  Our prints include the early tanks of WW1, the technically superior German tanks of WW2 and a wide variety of Russian, British and American tanks from WW2 and later. 

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John MacAleese

Otto Carius

Signatures of veterans add great value to a military art print, and also a genuine connection between the print buyer and the historical event depicted.  Our military prints have been signed by a variety of ex-military personnel, including some of the great German tank aces of World War Two, some of the brave men who made the historic Normandy landings on D-Day, and various other military men including SAS and WW2 veterans.