This page is our central aviation art directory page.  Here you can view all of the aircraft featured in our artwork, find any of the aviation artists on our site, see all the squadrons depicted and browse our pilot and aircrew signatures.


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At Cranston Fine Arts, we have been publishing aviation art for over two decades.  We have artwork depicting the classic aircraft - Spitfires, Mustangs, Lancasters, Me109s - but we have also made a commitment to commission artwork of less well known aircraft.  This has led to us having the widest selection of aviation art available anywhere.  Just check the aircraft menus opposite to see for yourself!

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Nicolas Trudgian
Nicolas Trudgian

Anthony Saunders
Anthony Saunders

Gerald Coulson
Gerald Coulson

Ivan Berryman
Ivan Berryman

Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor

Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor

Our dedication to aviation art is such that we commission more of it than any other publisher.  We have more new releases by more artists than anyone else.  In addition to this, we have acquired the print collection of many artists in recent years, including Gerald Coulson and Robert Tomlin.  Our most significant purchase though, was the entire back catalogue of Nicolas Trudgian prints.  You'll find all remaining prints of Nicolas Trudgian from his days with Military Gallery on this website.  Other websites may advertise them, but we have found that very few actually have the product in stock.  


Squadron Aviation Portal

Many of our customers are looking for aviation art related to a specific squadron, usually because a relative once served in it.  We have taken the squadron details of every aviation print in our database where possible and collated the information into an easy menu which you will find opposite.  Most aviation art sites will offer you a few of the famous squadrons - we offer our visitors everything there is.  In addition to the prints, we have supplemented the information with all the available aircraft, pilot, ace, signature and any other data available from our historical databases.

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Featured Signatures

Douglas Bader

Paul Tibbets

Hans Joachim Jabs

Bill Reid

Chuck Yeager

Manfred von Richthofen

Pilot and aircrew signatures are valuable additions to aviation art prints - adding a connection to the pilots who often flew the aircraft depicted in the image.  The photograph above shows Erich Rudorffer signing an edition of a print recently.  A major Ace in the Luftwaffe, his signature is one of many that are sought after because of the connection to the past.  With the obvious attraction of high scoring German pilots aside, every one of our pilot and aircrew signatures represents a link to a time when every mission was potentially their last.  Bomber crews in the RAF rarely survived their full tour of duty - over 50% of airmen did not return from missions.  In addition to wartime signatures, we also have many signatures from more recent times - Falklands pilots, Iraq and Afghanistan among others.  Our pages show all the prints with the chosen signature, but are also connected to our massive databases of aircraft, squadrons and victories.