Gazelle Class

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Imperial German naval Light Cruisers of the Gazelle class. Gazelle, Niobe, Nypmhe, Thetis, Ariadine, Medusa, Frauenlob, Arcona, Undine and Amazone. Built as a compromise between the Fleet Cruisers and Scout ships which was their roll before the outbreak of world war one. They were in reserve fleet at the outbreak of hostilities, but were quickly mobilized. On 28th August 1914 the Ariadne was sunk by gunfire from British battlecruisers off Heligoland and on the 7th November the British Submarine E19 torpedoed and sunk the Undine in the Baltic. During the Battle of Jutland the Frauenlob was torpedoed and sunk, after this the rest of the class was withdrawn from active service and placed in reserve. After the war in 1919 they became part of the Reichsmarine's antiquated cruiser force and were all finally scrapped (except Medusa and Arcona) during 1929 and 1931. Medusa and Arcona saw service as floating batteries in 1942 and deployed as protection of Wilhelmshaven until 3rd May 1945 when both ships were scuttled.
Gazelle 31st March 1898 Stricken on 28th August 1920.
Niobe 18th July 1899 Stricken on 24th June 1925.
Nymphe 21st November 1899 Stricken on 29th August 1931.
Thetis 3rd July 1900 Stricken on 27th September 1929.
Ariadne 10th August 1900 Sunk on 28th August 1914.
Amazone 6th October 1900 Stricken on 31st March 1913.
Medusa 5th December 1900 Stricken on 27th March 1929 and scuttled on 3rd May 1945.
Frauenlob 22nd March 1902 Sunk on 31st May 1916.
Arcona 22nd October 1902 Stricken on 15th January 1930, scuttled on 3rd May 1945.
Undine 11th December 1902 Sunk on 7th November 1915.

German Cruisers. of the Gazelle Class

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