Welcome to the naval art home page on our site.  Here you will find access to all of our naval art whether you are searching for a particular ship, artist or crew signature.  With many thousands of items, it would be difficult to browse all our naval items at once, so use the search boxes and links below to view our naval art prints and paintings.


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Our massive selection of naval art includes ships from many countries and many eras.  You can see British Battleships from the early 20th century, or the Spanish Armada, or even modern aircraft carriers and submarines.  Of course we have taken time to commission artwork of the major events in naval history - Trafalgar, Jutland, D-Day, but we have always prided ourselves on commissioning artwork of lesser known ships, like WW2 Corvettes or Italian destroyers - rarely seen in any artwork.  Browse our selection of artwork by ship name using the menus opposite.

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HMS Victory

USS Enterprise



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Anthony Saunders

Randall Wilson

W L Wyllie

Stan Stokes

Our customers are often searching for work by one artist when they come to our site.  Here we have made it easy for you to find a specific naval artist - we've listed them all here for you!  Now you can find your favourite naval artist or browse through our massive collection of naval art by artist.  Maybe you'll find a new favourite.  



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Featured Signatures

Otto Peters (Bismarck survivor)

John Moffat - The Swordfish pilot who torpedoed the Bismarck

Ted Briggs - One of just three survivors of HMS Hood

Otto Kretschmer - Top scoring U-Boat Captain

Our signed naval prints give our customers an almost direct link to history.  Many of our naval prints are signed by the crewmen who were on the ship depicted at the time depicted.  Their signature is a valuable bonus for print collectors.  At the same time it is great for us to take our prints to these men and women to be signed - We are very grateful that they have allowed us to do so on many occasions.  In recent years we have especially concentrated on German naval signatures, an area that has now grown to a sizeable collection.  The photo above shows former Tirpitz crewman Erich Brammen signing a print depicting Tirpitz in Kiel canal.