SMS Medusa

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SMS Medusa of the gazelle light cruiser class, Built at A G Weser at Bremen and laid down in 1900, launched 5th December 1900 and completed 26th July 1901. SMS Medusa served with the fleet and as a training ship between 1902 and 1914, when war broke out SMS Medusa was used for coastal defence, and rearmed in 1916 with Six 4.1 inch AA guns and became a tender top  Konig Wilhelm. after the war was in fleet service 1920 to 1924. Stricken on the 27th \march 19027 and became a accommodation ship at Wilhelmshaven. in 1942 was converted to Floating AA Flak Ship. with five 4,1 inch guns and two 37mm AA, and four 20mm AA guns. Finally scuttled at Wilhelmshaven on the 3rd May 1945. and scrapped in 1948/1950.  

Displacement: 3033 tons. Speed: 23 Knots. Compliment 249 - 303.Armament: Ten 105mm, ten machine Guns, Two submerged 450mm (18 inch) Torpedo Tubes. later increased to 500mm TT.

Medusa 5th December 1900 Stricken on 27th March 1929 and scuttled on 3rd May 1945.


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