Karlsruhe Class

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Karlsruhe Class Light Cruisers, Karlsruhe and Rostock, The German light Cruisers were built under the 1910 naval building programme. Both built at Kiel Karlsruhe by Germaniawerft and Rostock by Hawladtswerke. 

Karlsruhe 11th November 1912 Sunk on 4th November 1914.
Rostock 11th December 1912 Sunk on 1st June 1916.


Launch of Karlsruhe Photo sent in by George Williams


Karlsruhe was laid down in 1911 and launched 11th November 1912 and completed 15th January 1914.  Took part in the Panama Canal ceremonies and was expected to replace the Dresden on the Caribbean station.  On the outbreak of World war One. The Karlsruhe began operation as a commerce raider sinking 17 merchant ships with a total tonnage of 76,609 tons, but on the 4th November 1914 a accidental internal explosion sank the cruiser. The survivors were picked up by two German supply ships and they managed to return to Germany on board the blockade runner Rio Negro.



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Rostock was laid down in 1911 and launched 11th December 1912 and completed 5th February 1914. The Rostock served with the Scouting group of the German High seas Fleet. she took part in the Battle of Jutland and was hit by a British Torpedo. and later was sunk by German Torpedo Boats V71 and V73 (1st June 1916)