SMS Thetis

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SMS Thetis of the gazelle light cruiser class, Built at Imperial Dockyard at Danzig and laid down in 1899, launched 3rd July 1900 and commissioned into the German navy on 14th September 1901. SMS Thetis  served in the Colonial stations 1902 to 1906. then with the  fleet  and  , when war broke out SMS Thetis was used for coastal defence, and disarmed in 1916 and in 1917  become a Gunnery training ship.    Remained in service after the war with the Reichsmarine until being stricken on the 27th march 1929. with V1 and V6 for a total of 351,000 marks to Blohm and Voss at Hamburg and scrapped  in 1930 

Displacement: 3033 tons. Speed: 23 Knots. Compliment 249 - 303.Armament: Ten 105mm, ten machine Guns, Two submerged 450mm (18 inch) Torpedo Tubes. later increased to 500mm TT.


Gazelle 31st March 1898 Stricken on 28th August 1920.
Niobe 18th July 1899 Stricken on 24th June 1925.
Nymphe 21st November 1899 Stricken on 29th August 1931.
Thetis 3rd July 1900 Stricken on 27th September 1929.
Ariadne 10th August 1900 Sunk on 28th August 1914.
Amazone 6th October 1900 Stricken on 31st March 1913.
Medusa 5th December 1900 Stricken on 27th March 1929 and scuttled on 3rd May 1945.
Frauenlob 22nd March 1902 Sunk on 31st May 1916.
Arcona 22nd October 1902 Stricken on 15th January 1930, scuttled on 3rd May 1945.
Undine 11th December 1902 Sunk on 7th November 1915.