SMS Berlin

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SMS Berlin of the Bremen Class German Light Cruisers.  Her sister ships were, SMS Hamburg, Bremen, Lubeck, Munchen, Leipzig, and SMS Danzig.  

SMS Berlin was built at Danzig Imperial Dockyard., and laid down in 1902, launched 22nd September 1903 and commissioned into the German navy on the 4th April 1905.. S.M.S Berlin served over overseas  up to 1911 rejoining the fleet in 1914 and during 1915 and 1916 for a short period was used as a minelayer. In 1917 becoming a coastal defence ship.   after world war one she was  modernized 1921 to 1922 and served in the Reichmarine as a training cruisers for oversea voyagers between 1922 and 1929.  In 1935 at Kiel became a accommodation whip for submarine crews. and moved to Hamburg in  the same role bombed and sunk in 1944. raised in 1947 and was taken to Skagerrak, loaded with unwanted gas shells and sunk 31st may 1947.

Displacement: 3,250 tons,  Speed: 23 knots.  (Coal Fired) Crew 303.  Armament: Ten 4.1 inch Guns,  two 18 inch Torpedo Tubes (Submerged)   




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Berlin .1924 

Bremen Class Cruisers

SMS  Bremen 9th July 1903 Mined on 17th December 1915.
SMS Hamburg 25th July 1903 Stricken on 31st March 1931.
SMS Berlin 22nd September 1903 Hulked in 1935, scuttled in 1947.
SMS L?eck 26th March 1904 Stricken on 5th November 1919.
SMS  M?chen 30th April 1904 Stricken on 5th November 1919.
SMS Leipzig 21st March 1905 Sunk 8th December 1914.
SMS Danzig 23rd September 1905 Stricken on 5th November 1919.