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German light cruiser Dresden built by Blohm and Voss, Hamburg, launched 5th October 1907 and completed 1908/09. Dresden formed part of the International force which intervened in the Mexican Revolution of 1910. She was part of the West Indies station under Admiral Graf von Spee and passed into the Pacific via the Magellan Straits where she joined the light cruiser Leipzig. She survived the Battle of Falklands and escaped to the Pacific but was finally trapped by British cruisers HMS Glasgow and HMS Kent and the armoured merchant cruiser Orama, off the Chilean Island of Mas a Fuera and was shelled into submission. During the ceasefire negotiations she was scuttled to avoid capture on 14th March 1915.

Displacement: 3,650 tons.  Speed: 25 knots.  Complement: 361.  Armament: 10 4.1 inch guns in single turrets, two 18 inch torpedo tubes.

Sister ship Emden.

Dresden, 1908.

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SMS Dresden

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SMS Dresden - thanks to Frank Kohlmann who identified this ship from our Unidentified Ships page

HMS Dresden at Veracruz