York Class

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History of  Royal Navy cruisers of the York Class. Royal Navy cruiser website dedicated to the York Class. HMS York, HMS Exeter including crew and families of ex-crew members notice board for the York Class cruisers.


HMS YORK,  Built at Palmers and launched 17th July 1928, During world War two, she served on Atlantic Escort in 1939, moving to the Home Fleet in 1940. In 1941 she was transferred to the Mediterranean. HMS York was hit by Italian Explosive Motor Boat carrying a 660 lb charge, The damage caused both Boiler rooms and the forward engine room to flood immediately. and she was beached  in Suda bay on the 26th march 1941, and later  over a period of a month was bombed, several times and hit by 3 bombs including two 1100lb bombs) causing her finally to be abandoned on the 22nd May 1941. The wreck was scrapped in 1952


 These ships were fairly similar to the Norfolk Class except having only 6 main guns instead of the 8 in the Norfolk. There was also three sister ships projected in 1929 but all were cancelled 


Displacement: 8,250 tons (York),  8,390 tons (Exeter)   Speed: 32kt    Complement: 600

Armament: Six 8 inch guns in pairs. Four 4 inch anti-aircraft guns and two 2pdr anti-aircraft guns.   Six 21 inch torpedo tubes in pairs and 1 aircraft on York and two on Exeter.

HMS York 17th July 1928 Abandoned 22nd May 1941.
HMS Exeter 18th July 1929 Sunk 1st March 1942.

HMS York

HMS York c.1929.

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HMS York c.1932.

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HMS York, July 1933.

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HMS York in 1938 when she carried an amphibian type aircraft on a catapult aft of the funnels.

HMS York.

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HMS York.

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The following photographs are taken from a complete cruise album, owned by Ian Crouch's late Grandfather, who served onboard HMS York.

HMS York Passing through Gatun Locks, Panama Canal.

HMS York Catapulting the Fairey 3F, (aircraft transferred from HMS Valiant 1934 to York)

HMS York crew Painting the ships side, Bermuda. 


HMS York in floating dry-dock, Bermuda.

HMS York Main armament 1934 en route to Gibraltar.

HMS York Speed trials , 33 knots. 

HMS York Passing under Jaques Cartier bridge, Quebec.