Kent Class

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History of  Royal Navy cruisers (heavy cruisers, light cruisers). Royal Navy cruiser website dedicated to the Kent Class. HMS Berwick, HMS Cornwall, HMS Cumberland, HMS Kent, HMS Suffolk, HMAS Australia, HMAS Canberra including crew and families of ex-crew members notice board for the Kent Class cruisers.


Displacement: 9,800 tons (Suffolk), 9,850 tons (Kent & Canberra) , 9,870 (Australia),  otherwise 9,750 tons    Speed: 31.5kt    Complement: 679 increasing to 710 as Flagship.

Armament: Eight 8 inch guns in pairs. Eight 4 inch anti-aircraft guns in pairs and eight 2pdr anti-aircraft guns in pairs plus eight 0.5 machine guns in pairs.   Sixteen 21 inch torpedo tubes. 4 aircraft on Berwick, Cornwall, Cumberland and Suffolk and 1 aircraft on Kent, Australia and Canberra.

HMS Berwick 30th March 1926 Sold and broken up 1948.
HMS Cornwall 11th March 1926 Sunk 5th April 1942.
HMS Cumberland 16th March 1926 Sold and broken up 1959.
HMS Kent 16th March 1926 Sold and broken up 1948.
HMS Suffolk 16th February 1926 Sold and broken up 1948.
HMS Australia 17th March 1927 Sold and broken up 1955
HMS Canberra 31st May 1927 Sunk 9th August 1942.

HMS Australia

HMAS AUSTRALIA (RAN). Built at John Brown, Clydebank and laid down 26th August 1925, launched on 17th March 1927 and completed 24th April 1928. HMAS Australia served in Australia 1939-140, then East Indies 1941 then back to Australia 1942-1945. Finally scrapped at Barrow on 5th July 1955.

HMS Australia. By 1943 seven 20mm guns had been added. Other modifications included removal of the catapult and replacement mountings.


Either a Kent Class or a Norfolk Class Cruiser. 

A Kent Class cruiser leaving Malta.

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A Kent Class Cruiser.

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