Gloucester Class

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History of  Royal Navy cruisers (heavy cruisers, light cruisers). Royal Navy cruiser website dedicated to the Gloucester Class.  HMS Liverpool, HMS Manchester, HMS Gloucester including crew and families of ex-crew members notice board for the Southampton Class cruisers.


Specifications for  HMS Liverpool, HMS Manchester & HMS Gloucester

Displacement:  9,400 tons    Speed:  and 32.5kts     Complement: 700

Armament: Twelve 6 inch guns in threes. Eight 4 inch anti-aircraft guns in pairs and eight 2pdr anti-aircraft guns in pairs as well as eight 0.5 inch machine guns in fours.   Six 21 inch torpedo tubes in threes and 3 aircraft.


HMS Gloucester 19th October 1937 Sunk 22nd May 1941.
HMS Liverpool 24th March 1937 Broken up 1958.
HMS Manchester 12th April 1937 Sunk 13th August 1942.

HMS Gloucester

HMS Gloucester.

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HMS Liverpool

HMS Liverpool photographed 1937 at Malta

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HMS Liverpool.

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HMS Manchester

HMS Manchester photographed 1938

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