Bellona Class

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Bellona Class, The New Improved Dido Class Cruiser. History of  Royal Navy cruisers. Royal Navy cruiser website dedicated to the Bellona Class. HMS Bellona, HMS Black Prince, HMS Diadem, HMS Royalist, HMS Spartan including crew and families of ex-crew members notice board for the Bellona Class (New Improved Dido Class)  cruisers.

Specifications for HMS Bellona, HMS Black Prince, HMS Diadem, HMS Royalist and HMS Spartan

The Bellona Class was similar to the Dido Class.


Displacement: 5,950 tons   Speed: 32kts    Complement: 530

Armament: Eight 5.25 inch guns in pairs.   Twelve 2pdr pompom guns in fours as well as six 21 inch torpedo tubes.

HMS Spartan was hit by a bomb which caused sufficient damage to sink her in under two hours.

HMS Bellona was lent to New Zealand after world war two as were HMS Black Prince and HMS Royalist. HMS Diadem went to the Pakistani navy and was renamed Babur.

HMS Bellona 29th September 1942 Broken up 1959.
HMS Black Prince 27th August 1942 Broken up 1962.
HMS Diadem 26th August 1942 Sold to Pakistan 1956.
HMS Royalist 30th May 1942 Broken up 1968.
HMS Spartan 27th August 1942 Sunk 29th January 1944.

HMS Bellona

HMS Bellona as completed in 1944 with a 2pdr AA gun instead of the turret and twelve 20mm AA guns in pairs fore, amidships and aft.

HMS Diadem

HMS Diadem.

Image courtesy of Carl Proctor

HMS Diadem with submarine Tantalus alongside.  (Possibly Hong Kong). 

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HMS Royalist

HMS Royalist entering Grand Harbour Malta, 14th January 1946. 

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