Blake Class

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Blake Class Armoured Cruisers

In 1888 the most important part of the naval programme of the period were laid down.  The Blake Class Armoured Cruisers HMS Blake and HMS Blenheim,  A Class with the armament of The Orlando Class with greatly improved speed secured by development in the deck armour.  Could be said to be similar to an enlarged Mersey Class Cruiser. But these ships were unique due to their increased length and great increase in displacement.  The main Guns were in armoured casemate's, a leading characteristic of nearly all Sir William White's ships made its first appearance. HMS Blenheim for four main guns, the upper deck guns being behind the usual shields.  (text from British battle fleets, FT Jane)

Royal Navy cruiser HMS Blake was built at Chatham Dockyard and launched in 1889. HMS Blake served one commission as flagship at the America and West Indies Station during 1895 and in December of 1895 was commissioned into the Channel Squadron commanded by Captain Bromley. Converted to a  destroyer depot ship  in August 1907 after being struck of the navy list in 1906. Served as the depot ship for the 2nd destroyer flotilla of the Grand Fleet and then to the 11th Destroyer flotilla. after the war was scrapped on the 9th June 1922.

History of HMS Blenheim a Blake Class Cruiser built by Thames ironworks, and launched on 26th May 1894. After service HMS Blenheim was used as a destroyer depot ship from May 1908 serving with the flotillas in the Mediterranean. during the war was sent to Mudros in March 1915 to take part in the Dardanelle's campaign. and finally sold to the breakers in 1926.

Displacement: 9150 tons, speed: 22 knots,  Crew  570. Length 375 feet, beam 65 feet.  Armament Two 9.2 inch Guns and Ten 6 - inch Guns and eighteen  3 pounder.

Designed Speed 22 knots,  Horsepower 20,000.

HMS Blake 23rd November 1889 Used as a depot ship in August 1907 and then broken up 9th June 1922.
HMS Blenheim 26th May 1894 Used as a depot ship in May 1908 and then broken up 13th July 1926.