Immortalite Frigates

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IMMORTALITE  Class Wooden Screw Frigates  HMS Immortalite, HMS Bristol, HMS Glasgow, HMS Newcastle, and HMS Undaundted.   The original design of these frigates was by Sir William Symonds who was the urveyor of the Royal navy between 1832 to 1848.  HMS Immortalite was considered to be the fastest wooden ship under sial at the time.  The armament for these ships consisted of Thirty 8 inch Muzzle Loading SB Guns, and twenty 32 pdr ML SB, and one 68 pdr ML SB guns but these armaments were reduced during the careers  with HMS Bristol, Immortalite and HMS Glasgow ending up with 28 guns, and HMS Undaunted with 31 guns. HMS Undaunted was the last wooden ship to hold the position of Flagship on active service. and was often considered to be the finest wooden hulled screw frigate in service. 

HMS Immortalite 25th October 1859 Scrapped 1883

HMS Immortalite, 1860.  

Built at Pembroke Dockyard and launched 25th October 1859 and completed November 1860

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HMS Bristol 12th February 1861 Sold in 1883

HMS Bristol, 1865.

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HMS Glasgow 28th march 1861 Sold in 1884
HMS Newcastle 16th October 1860 Sold 1929
HMS Undaunted 1st January 1861 Sold 1882

HMS Undaunted, 1870s.

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