Yamato Class

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The Yamato Class Battleship designed during 1934, was to be a series of 4 Battleships, The Yamato, Musashi, Shinano and Kii. The construction of these battleships was under the strictest secrecy.  The Yamoto was launched on the 8th August 1940and entered service on the 16th December 1941.  the Yamato was sunk on on the 7th April 1945 by Torpedoes and Bombs by Carrier borne Aircraft while she was on a Kamikazi mission to Okinawa.  The Musashi was also bombed and sunk by carrier borne aircraft south of Luzon Island on the 24th October 1944.  the Shinano was never completed as a battleship instead she was converted into a huge Aircraft Carrier. While on her trials was was sunk by four Torpedoes from the American Submarine Archerfish. The fourth Battleship of the group the Kii was never completed and work was suspended in December 1941. with the completed parts becoming spares for the sister ships.

Yamato 8th August 1940 Sunk on 7th April 1945 by US aircraft.
Mus 1st November 1940 Sunk on 24th October 1944 by US aircraft.


Japanese Battleship Yamato. Photo sent in by Peter Taylor