Fuji Class

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Fuji  Class Battleships Fuji and Yashima.  

Displacement : 12,320t.  Length 390ft.  Beam 73ft  Depth 8m.  Armament : Four 12in (2 x 2), Ten 6in (10 x 1), Twenty 3pdr (20 x 1), Four 2.5pdr (4 x 1), Five 18in TT. Compliment 637.

Fuji 1st August 1894 Scrapped in 1948
Yashima 22nd December 1894 Capsized 15th May 1904 after striking a mine off Port Arthur


HJMS Fuji  pictured 1904 - 1906 

Launched 31st March 1896 completed 17th August 1897. built in the UK at Thames Iorn works, Poplar. Took part in the Battle of Tsushima on the 27th may 1905 and fired the last shell to sink the Borodino. In 1910 she became a Coastal defence ship and under the terms of the 1922 -1923 Washington treaty was stripped and used as a training ship 

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The Japanese Battleship Yashima

The Yashima, Passing the Swing Bridge, Newcastle

The plaque from the Yashima, photo courtesy of Patrick Hill.

Launch of the Japanese battleship Yashima from the Elswick Ship yard 1898

Original naval Magazine photograph of March 1898. Image size 8" x 8" price ?15.  order V1B

Patrick Hill has supplied these pictures which he believes show the original model for the Japanese battleship Yashima housed at the Royal Hospital School, Holbrook.

Another view of the model of Yasima, supplied by another contributor.