Kongo Class

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Kongo Class of Japanese Battlecruisers. Four battlecruisers of the class, Haruna, Hiei, Kirishima and Kongo. These Japanese battleships were designed by Sir George Thurston, and based on the Royal navy Lion Class.  With the Kongo being built at VA Dockyard in barrow.
Kongo 18th May 1912 Sunk on 21st November 1944.
Hiei 21st November 1912 Sunk on 13th November 1942.
Haruna 14th December 1913 Sunk on 28th July 1945.
Kirishima 1st December 1913 Sunk on 15th November 1942.

Battleship details

Displacement 31,720 tons        Speed 30.5 knots        Full compliment was 1437 

Armour,  8 - inch belt and a 3 inch fore and aft protection. The turrets were 9 inch. and the control tower 10- inch. The deck armour was 2.75 inches.

Armament. main armament eight 14 - inch guns in four turrets.  fourteen - 6-inch guns in single turrets and eight 5 - inch anti aircraft guns in pairs.   This was increased on the Haruna and Kongo by June 1944 to the 5 -inch guns were increased to twelve.  twenty - 25mm AA Guns.  This to was increased on the Haruna and Kongo to 94 - 25mm AA Guns.  All four ships carried three aircraft.

This was the first battleship class to have 14 - inch guns in the Japanese Navy

Haruna     Built by Kawasaki and launched on the 14th December 1913.  and was sunk in shallow water  on the 28th July 1945 after being attacked by US naval aircraft  near Kure

Hiei     Built by Yokosuka Naval Yard and launched on the 21st November 1912.  This Battleship was lost  on the 13th November 1942, during the night action off Guadalcanal. where she sustained over 50 hits mostly from 8 - inch shells. she was finally sunk by four torpedo's from US naval aircraft.

Kirishima   Built by Mitsubishi at Nagasaki and launched on the 1st of December 1913 she had a displacement of 31,980 tons slightly heavier than her sisters.  The Kirishima was also lost during the night action of Guadalcanal.  She had been hit by  nine 16 inch shells and over fifty 5 - inch shells, mainly from USS Washington, being totally disabled she was finally scuttled by her crew.

Kongo  Built at VA Dockyard at barrow. and launched on the 18th May 1912. and was lost on the 21st of November 1944. when she blew up after being hit by a torpedo from the US Submarine Sealion


Japanese battleship Haruna


Kongo - Photo published 1915.