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Asahi  Class

Asahi 1st August 1898 Lost 25th May 1942

HIJMS Asahi  photograph 1904  Basically the same as the Skikishima class battle ships except Asahi only had two funnels instead of three. Built in Scotland at J. browns at Clydebank, and laid down on the 1st august 1898, launched 13th march 1899 and completed 31st July 1900. she saw action during the Russo-Japanese war. she was badly damaged after striking a mine on the 26th October 1904 and was re paired in time for the battle of Tsushima where she received several hits which killed 8 with another 23 wounded. She was re assigned to a gunnery training ship at the start of World war One and was disarmed under the Washington treaty of 1923. IN 1926 she was converted into a Submarine salvage ship at the Kure Naval Dockyard. put into reserve during the 1930's but in 1938 brought back into service as a repair ship. On the 25th may 1942, she was torpedoed and sunk by the American submarine USS Salmon southwest of Cape Paderas, French Indo-China

Displacement: 15,000 tons and 15,374 tons full load.  Speed: 18 knots.  Compliment: 836                    Armament: Four 12-inch Guns in two turrets Fourteen 6 -inch guns  and Twenty 12 pdr QF guns Six - 3 pdr and Six 2.5 pdr    Four 18th Torpedo Tubes

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