Ise Class

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The Ise Class was an improved version of the Fuso and Yamashiro Battleships. Ordered in 1914 the Hyuga and Ise were amongst the most powerful battleships at the time.

Displacement.  HYUGA 36,000 tons and ISE 35,800 tonsDimensions  205.8metres long, 28.7 metres wide and 8.8metres high.  Speed 23 knots to 25.25 knots   Compliment  1360 to 1376.   Armament. twelve 14-inch guns in  pairs.  sixteen 5.5 -inch guns in single turrets, eight 5-inch anti aircraft guns in pairs. twenty 25mm AA guns in pairs  Plus three aircraft.

Ise 12th November 1916 Sunk on 28th July 1945.
Hyuga 27th January 1917 Sunk on 28th July 1945.



Hyuga.  Sent in by Allan Lloyd.