Nagato Class

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History of the Japanese Nagato Class battleships. The Nagato and Mutsu were the first dreadnoughts to be designed in Japan and the first ships to use 16 inch guns. 

Nagato 9th November 1919 Sunk on 19th July 1946 at the Bikini Atoll test.
Mutsu 31st May 1920 Sunk on 8th June 1943.


Mutsu, 1936 after reconstruction.

The Japanese Nagato Class Battleship. The Nagato Class Battleships consisted of two battleships, Negato and Mutso. The Nagato was launched in 1919 and commissioned into the Imperial Japanese navy on the 25th November 1920. The Mutso built by Yokosuka Navy yard was launched on the 31st of May 1920 and commissioned in November 1921. Both ships were designed by Captain Hiraga, and were the first battleships to be Japanese designed. 

Mutso was at the Battle of Midway and was also at the Solomons. on the 8th of June 2943 while in Hiroshima bay she sank after a magazine explosion. which killed most of the crew.

The Nagato was also at The Battle of Midway and at Leyte in October 1944, she sank the US Escort carrier Gambier Bay and three destroyers. Due to the Fuel shortage she remained at Yokosuka and was badly damaged by bombing on the 18th July 1945.

After the war the Americans used her for Atomic tests at Bikini Atoll  and finally sinking on the 29th July 1946.