Yekaterina II

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The Russian battleship class Yekaterina II consisted of two battleships. The Yekaterina II and the Imperator Nikolai I. The Yekaterina II was launched on the 6th of June 1914 and commissioned into the Navy on the 13th of December 1915.  She was in action against the Turkish battlecruiser Goeben in the Black Sea during the 8th June 1916. After the revolution she was renamed by the Soviets as Svobodniya Rossia  she was again in action in the Black sea pursuing the German Cruiser Breslau. The Svobodniya followed the Breslau into the Baltic, where she was sunk by six torpedoes from the destroyer Kersh.

Tchesma 18th May 1886 Served in Black Sea Fleet in 1906. Taken off the list in 1907 and used as an experimental target.
Ekaterina II 22nd May 1886 Stricken in 1907. Served with the Black Sea Fleet in 1906. Served as coastal defence ship during WW1.
Georgi Pobiedonosets 9th March 1892 Captured by Germans in May 1918 and then transferred to the British in November 1918. Sold in 1924.
Sinop 1st June 1887 Served with the Black Sea Fleet in 1906 and then with the Battleship Brigade in 1914. Served as coastal defence ship during WW1. Captured by Germans and then transferred to British in 1918.  Broken up for scrap in 1922.