Imperator Pavel

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The Imperator Pavel Class consisted of two battleships, launched before the outbreak of world war One.  The Imperator Pavel was built at the Baltic Works, and launched on the 7th of September 1907 commissioned into the Russian Imperial Navy on the 29th July 1911.   The second battleship of the class was the Andrei Pervoswanni, built at the Admiralty Works, and launched on the 20th October 1910 and commissioned in the Russian imperial navy on the 13th May 1912.

Andrei Pervozvanny 20th October 1906 Served with the Black Sea Fleet from 1910. Refitted during 1916-17. Captured by the Bolsheviks in October 1917 she took part in the Revolution and Civil War. She was damagedby a torpedo from British ship CMB88 at Kronstadt on 18th August 1919. Taken off list in 1924.
Imperator Pavel I 7th September 1907 Served with the Black Sea Fleet from 1910. Refitted during 1916-17.Renamed Respublika on 29th April 1917 and laid up in September 1918. Sold in November 1923.

Andrei Pervozvanny

Andrei Pervozvanny

Imperator Pavel I

Imperator Pavel - photograph published 1915.