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History of the Soviet Marat class battleships. Three battleships in this class were the Marat, Oktyabrskaya and Frunze. Marat was sunk by German aircraft at the beginning of World War II and was renamed as the Petropavovsk. Oktyabrskaya Revolutsia was badly damaged by German bombs in WWII and Frunze was never commissioned due to extensive fire damage in 1923.

Petropavlovsk formerly Marat.

The Marat Class Battleship had three Battleships planned. the Marat , Oktyabrskaya and the Frunze.  The Frunze was never Commissioned as the ship was badly damaged by Fire in 1923 and finally broken up in Leningrad in 1939.  The Marat  was sunk by German Stukas off Kronshtadt on the 23rd September 1939. But the ship was in shallow water and was raised and was used as a floating Battery. (The Stukas had caused considerable damage destroying the forward turret, bridge and fore funnel). The ship was renamed the Petropavlovsk.  The Petropavlovsk was converted into a training hulk after the second world war and again renamed Volchov in 1950. The Oktyabrskaya Revolutsia was damaged by German Bombing at Kronshtadt on the 21st September 1941. So badly damaged that she just managed to stay afloat. On the 27th the battleship was again hit by bombing and half her main armament was destroyed. At Leningrad she was repaired which took until November 1942. The repairs did not include all her main armament and it was not until 1944 that she had a full main armament operational.  After the war she became a training ship in 1954 and was eventually scrapped in February 1956.