Imperatritsa Maria

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The Russian Imperatritsa Maria V Class battleship consisted of two battleships, The Imperatritsa and the Imperator Alexander III. The Imperatritsa Maria was launched on the 1st of November 1913 and commission during September 1915.  The Imperatritsa Maria had a very short life. While at Sevastopol on the  20th October 1916 the battleship blew up due to a spontaneous ignition of her cordite, ( there were rumors of sabotage ). The capsized hull was raised during 1918, but the possibilities of re building the battleship were considered but eventually the the ship was broken up in 1927. The Imperator Alexander III, was renamed the Volya after the revolution. When the ship was under the German navy it kept the name of Volya. The ship name returned to Imperator Alexander III by the White Russians in 1919, the battleship was interned at Bizerta in 1920, under French control, who refused to give the ship to the Soviets, the Ship was eventually broken up in 1936.

Imperatritsa Mariya 1st November 1913 Capsized and sank on 20th October 1916due to an explosion of propellants. Wreck was raised on 18th June 1918 and scrapped in 1922.
Volya 15th April 1914 Renamed from Imperator Alexander III on 29th April 1917. Captured by the German Navy and served with them until transferred to the British. Sent to Turkey in April 1919 and renamed on 17th October as General Alekseev. Sold in 1924 and broken up in 1936.

Imperator Alexander III, later renamed Volya.  Sent in by David Lockhart.

Imperatritsa Ekaterina Velikaya 6th June 1914 Renamed from Ekaterina II on 27th June 1915. Renamed again to Svobodnaya Rossiya on 29th April 1917.