HMS Renown 1895

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HMS Renown 1st Class Battleship of 1896 and the only ship of the class, the cost of the ship was ?746,247. In 1898, she left Britain for the North American Station as flagship to Sir John Fisher, the Commander in Chief. In February 1905 joined the reserve, converted as a royal yacht to carry the Prince and Princess of Wales to India April - October 1905. Once again rejoining reserve in May 1906. Joining Home Fleet 4th division in 1907 and in October 1909 became a tender to HMS Victory. Involved in minor collision with water carrier Aid on 26th September 1911 and January 1913 put into care and maintenance and towed to Motherbank. Sold to the breakers April 1914.

HMS Renown, 1897

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Photograph taken at the time of Lord Goschen's visit to the Renown in 1902.

Lord Goschen was a First Lord of the Admiralty to the Mediterranean flagship. Admiral Sir John Fisher and ships company are "grouped" round their honoured guest.


Captain Daniel M Riddel entered service in 1861 and attained the rank of Captain in 1892 and wears the Zulu medal. Shown captain of HMS Renown 1902 

The Quarter-Decks of HMS Renown (1898)


Interior of the Admiral's Cabin (Admiral Sir John Fisher is shown in arm chair).

The interior of the admiral's cabin is a picture of comfort and refinement, though admiral's were considerably better off in the old ships of the line than in a modern ironclad, in spite of the huge disproportion in tonnage. However, there were modern luxuries like electric lighting. Lady Fisher sits by the piano and one of their daughters sits on the right of the picture.

The Crew of HMS Renown 1898.

Sir John Fisher occupies the a central position with his flag captain on his right, while the flag lieutenant and secretary stand behind. All three are distinguished by gold aiguillettes, the badge of the Admiral's staff. The midshipmen occupy the humble but conspicuous position in front.


HMS Renown 

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Postcard picture of HMS Renown

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HMS Renown, December, 1896

HMS Renown.

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HMS Renown 1902.

Lieutenant Keane and the team from HMS Renown who won the Attack Challenge Cup in 1902.

Armament: four 10 inch guns in pairs, ten 6 inch guns, twelve 12 pdr guns, eight 3 pdr guns, 2 maxims and five torpedo tubes.   Displacement: 12,350 tons.   Speed: 18 knots.   Complement: 674.