HMS Royal Oak

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HMS Royal Oak Wooden broadside Ironclad.  Photos and history of HMS Royal Oak 

 HMS Royal oak was a Wooden broadside Ironclad. Built at Chatham dockyard and laid down in 1860, launched 10th September 1862 and completed 19th April 1863.  HMS Royal Oak was initially laid down as a 91 gun ship of the line but was converted in 1861 to be a 36 gun ironclad.  she was designed to carry 36 68 pounders but was completed with Eight 7-inch guns and twenty four 68 pounders. on the main deck and a further three 7 inch breach loaders on the upper deck.  Commissioned into the fleet at Chatham in April 1863 joined the Channel fleet but only served there for a few months before moving to the Mediterranean. along with HMS Resistance. they were the first two Ironclads to pass the straits. Paid off for refit mainly for re arming in 1867. she was  re-armed  with four 8 inch MLR and twenty 7 inch MLR re joined the channel fleet. During this period involved in a incident when HMS warrior rammed into her in thick fog. damage included the shearing off of the back stays, chains and boats. . in 1869  sent back to the Mediterranean. during the opening of the Suez canal she ran aground  on an uncharted bank, outside port Said (along with two other warships) She was towed by HMS Lord Warden the incident did not cause any damage.  near the end of 1871 she returned to Portsmouth for refit. but instead being laid up, remaining for 14 years in the 4th reserve fleet and finally sold in 1885  

  Notes. due to her low centre of gravity she was  a fairly unstable gun platform but was a good steamer and also sailed well with sail. in most conditions. 

Displacement: 6366 tons. Speed: 12.5 knots, but could make 13.5 under sail. Compliment 585. Armament: (1867) Four 8 inch Guns and twenty 7 inch MLR.


HMS Royal Oak, with lowered funnel and wind sails rigged for ventilation, 1863.

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