HMS Royal Alfred

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HMS Royal Alfred.  Photographs and history of the Royal Naval Pre Dreadnought Battleship HMS Royal Alfred,  laid down on the 1st of December 1859, initially  to be a 90 gun two decker but was converted to ironclad Frigate.  HMS Royal Alfred was the last wooden keeled ship to be built at Portsmouth dockyard. Launched on the 15th of October 1864 and completed 23rd march 1867. Commissioned in January 1867 as flagship for the North American Station.  It took her 25 days to get to Halifax, Canada.  Her passage across the Atlantic took place in the worst weather possible and only had enough coal for one more days steaming.   Relieved by HMS Defence after two years service at this station, returning for docking in the UK. Soon returning to the North American Station for a further 4 years service. During 1872 the Royal Alfred was grounded on the Bahama Bank causing damage with the loss of her false keel and sheathing.  Was relieved by HMS Bellerophon and returned to go into reserve at Portland in January 1874. only remaining in reserve until March 1875, when it was found she suffered form bad erosion of her boilers. Laid up awaiting the decision for her to be re boilered. but became obsolete before work begun. finally being sold in 1885 for ?5,562.


HMS Royal Alfred, 1867.

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