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Destroyer histories. Royal naval O and P class destroyers. Destroyer website dedicated to the history of HMS Onslow, HMS Obdurate, HMS Obedient, HMS Offa, HMS Onslaught, HMS Opportune, HMS Oribi, HMS Orwell, HMS Packenham, HMS Paladin, HMS Panther, HMS Partridge, HMS Pathfinder, HMS Penn, HMS Petard and HMS Porcupine from their launch to their participation in major wars also notice board for families of ex-crew of O and P Class destroyers.

Displacement : 1540 tons (HMS Onslow and HMS Pakenham 1550 tons).  Speed 36? knots.  Complement 175 (HMS Onslow 217, HMS Pakenham 228).  Armament : Foru 4.7in, Four 2pdr AA, Eight 20mm AA guns, Eight 21in TT.

HMS Obdurate G.39 19th February 1942 Broken up Inverkeithing November  1964.
HMS Obedient  G.48 30th April 1942 Broken up at Blyth 19th October  1962.
HMS Offa   G.29 11th March 1941 Transferred to Pakistan 1949. becoming TARIQ finally scrapped at Sunderland 13th October 1959
HMS Onslaught   G.04 (ex Pathfinder) 9th October 1941 Transferred to Pakistan 1951. becoming Tughril
HMS Onslow  G.17 31st March 1941 Transferred to Pakistan 1949. becoming TIPPU SULTAN
HMS Opportune   G.80 21st January 1942 Broken up  25th November 1955.at Milford Haven
HMS Oribi   (ex Observer) 14th January 1941 Transferred to Turkey 1946.becoming Gayret
HMS Orwell  G.98 2nd April 1942 Broken up  June 1965.
HMS Pakenham   (ex Onslow) 28th January 1941 Sunk 16th April 1943. by Italian Torpedo Boats  Cassiopea and Cigno 
HMS Paladin  G.69 11th June 1941 Broken up  25th October 1962. at Dunston
HMS Panther   G.41 28th May 1941 Sunk 9th October 1943.By German Aircraft in the Scarpanto Straits
HMS Partridge  G.30 5th August 1941 Sunk 18th December 1942. by U-565 west of Oran 
HMS Pathfinder  G.10 (ex Onslaught) 10th April 1941 Constructive loss 11th February 1945. after bombing by Japanese aircraft at Ramree island. finally scrapped  November 1948 at Milford Haven 
HMS Penn  G.77 12th February 1941 Broken up at Troon february 1950.
HMS Petard   G.56 27th March 1941 Broken up  at Bo-ness June 1967.
HMS Porcupine   G.93 10th June 1941 Constructive loss 9th December 1942 after  being torpedoed by U-602. finally scrapped  at Plymouth 6th May 1946

HMS Obedient

Picture of HMS Obedient kindly supplied by David Brown

HMS Offa

G16 Tjerk Hiddes (nearest) with British destroyers G25 HMS Nepal (far) and G29 HMS Offa (centre).

Original Postcard.  Published IWM.  Price ?15.  Click here to order.  Order Code  PHD302

HMS Offa.Contributed by Peter Lawless

Photograph of Robert Wilkinson (second from left) and some shipmates of HMS Offa at Lubeck in Germany, 1945.  Robert Wilkinson served aboard Offa for the from 1943 to 1946, as a Leading Seaman (Gunner) and finishing as an Acting Petty Officer.

Contributed by his son Barry Wilkinson.

Adolf Hitler's Yacht 'Ostwind'.  Photograph taken from HMS Offa, and contributed by Barry Wilkinson - see photo above.

HMS Onslow

Picture of H.M.S. Onslow sent in by Bill Thornton



Picture of John May (far left) and with another sailor on 18th June, 1945 in Copenhagen  sent in by Bill Thornton.