L+M Class

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Destroyer histories. Royal naval L and M class destroyers. Destroyer website dedicated to the history of HMS Laforay, HMS Lance, HMS Gurkha, HMS Legion, HMS Lightning, HMS Lively, HMS Lookout, HMS Loyal, HMS Milne, HMS Mahratta, HMS Marne, HMS Martin, HMS Matchless, HMS Meteor, HMS Musketeer and HMS Myrmidon from their launch to their participation in major wars also notice board for families of ex-crew of L and M Class destroyers.
HMS Gurkha (ex Larne)  F.63 8th July 1940 Sunk on 17th January 1941.
HMS Laforey   F.99 15th February 1941 Sunk on 30th March 1944.
HMS Lance     F.87 28th November 1940 Constructive loss 9th April 1942.
HMS Legion    F.74 26th December 1939 Sunk on 26th March 1942.
HMS Lightning   F.55 22nd April 1940 Sunk on 12th March 1943.
HMS Lively   F.40 28th January 1941 Sunk on 11th May 1942.
HMS Lookout   F.32 4th November 1940 Broken up 1948.
HMS Loyal   F.15 8th October 1941 Broken up 1948.
HMS Mahratta    G.14 28th July 1942 Sunk on 25th February 1944.
HMS Marne   G.35 30th October 1940 Transferred to Turkey 1959.
HMS Martin   G.44 12th December 1940 Sunk 10th November 1942.
HMS Matchless    G.52 4th September 1941 Transferred to Turkey 1959.
HMS Meteor    G.73 3rd November 1941 Transferred to Turkey 1959.
HMS Milne    G.14 30th December 1941 Transferred to Turkey 1959.
HMS Muskateer    G.86 2nd December 1941 Broken up 1955.
Orkan (ex HMS Myrmidon)  G.90 2nd March 1942 Became Polish navy Orkan 1942 and Sunk on 8th October 1943.

HMS Loyal

HMS Loyal, Algiers, 1943.

Contributed by David Walker.

HMS Loyal, departing Taranto in August 1943.  Contributed by Peter Smith, whose father Joe Smith was an ERA on HMS Loyal.

Crew of HMS Loyal, including Joe Smith, father of the contributor.

Crew of HMS Loyal, including Joe Smith, father of the contributor.

Specifications for L and M Class Destroyers

Displacement : 1920 tons except HMS Laforey and HMS Milne - 1935 tons. Speed 36 knots.  Complement  221 - 226.  Armament : Six 4.7in DP, Eight 4in. AA, Four 2pdr AA, Two 30mm AA, Eight 5in AA guns, Eight 21in TT.