Destroyers after 1945

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Royal Navy destroyers built after 1944, including Daring Class,  Cavendish class, Weapon class radar picket, Battle class radar picket,  County class guided missile destroyers, Bristol class guided missile destroyer, Sheffield class missile destroyers, and the Manchester class Glided missile destroyers. Off these classes, the Cavendish  and Weapon classes were modernised and saw service into the 60's and 70's.

Weapon Class             View Class
HMS Battleaxe  G.18 12th June 1945 Broken up at Blyth October 1964.
HMS Broadsword  G.31  5th February 1946 Broken up at Inverkeithing Ocotber 1968.
HMS Crossbow  G.96 20th December 1945 Broken up  at Briton Ferry January 1972.
HMS Scorpion G.64 (changed from Tomahak ) 15th August 1946 Broken up 1971.
Daring Class   View Class
HMS Dainty  I.52  (D108) 16th August 1950 Broken up 1972.
HMS Daring   I.15   (D05) 10th August 1949 Broken up 1971.
HMS Decoy  I.40   (d106) 29th March 1949 Transferred to Peru 1970 and renamed Ferre.
HMS Defender  I.47 (changed from Dogstar  (D114) 27th July 1950 Broken up 1972.
HMS Delight I.08  (changed from Disdain)   (D119) 21st December 1950 Broken up 1971.
HMS Diamond  I.81   (D35) 14th June 1950 Tender 1979.
HMS Diana I.26  (changed from Druid)   (D126) 8th May 1952 Transferred to Peru 1970 and renamed Palacios.
HMS Duchess  I.94   (D154) 9th April 1951  transferred the RAN 1964 For disposal 1979.
Battle Class Radar Picket destroyers View Class
HMS Agincourt  I.06   (d86) 29th January 1945 Broken up 1974.
HMS Aisne  I.22  (D22) 12th May 1945 Broken up at Inverkeithing June 1970.
HMS Barrosa  I.68    (D68) 17th January 1945 Broken up 1978.
HMS Corunna  I.97 29th May 1945 Broken up 1975.
C Class, Cavendish Class, Modernised before 1961   View Class
HMS Caesar R07 (ex Ranger R.58) 14th February 1944 Scrapped in Blyth in January 1967.
HMS Cambrian  R.85  (ex-spitfire) 10th December 1943 Scrapped at Briton Ferry in September 1971.
HMS Caprice  R.01 (ex- swallow) 16th September 1943 Scrapped after 1979.
HMS Carron  R.30 (exStrenuous) 28th March 1944 Scrapped at Inverkeithing in April 1967.
HMS Carysfort  R.25  (ex Pique R.49 25th July 1944 Broken up in 1970.
HMS Cassandra R.62 (ex - Tourmaline) 29th November 1943 Scrapped at Inverkeithing in April 1967.
HMS Cavalier  R.73 (ex Pellew R.04 ) 7th April 1944 Preserved at Chatham, Kent
HMS Cavendish R.15 (ex Sibyl) 12th April 1944 Scrapped at Blyth in August 1967.