N Class

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Destroyer histories. Royal naval N class destroyers. Destroyer website dedicated to the history of HMS Napier, HMS Nepal, HMS Nestor, HMS Nizam, HMS Noble, HMS Nonpareil and HMS Norman from their launch to their participation in major wars also notice board for families of ex-crew of N Class destroyers.

Displacement : 1690 tons.  Speed : 36 knots.  Complement : 183 - 218.  Armament : Six 4.7in, Four 2pdr AA, Two 20mm AA, Eight 5in AA guns,  Ten 21in. (2 x 5) TT

HMS Napier   G.97 22nd May 1940 R.A.N 1940 - 1945 Broken up  January 1956. at Briton Ferry
HMS Nepal G.25 (ex HMS Norseman 4th December 1941 HMS Norseman became HMS Nepal in 1942 Broken up  at Briton ferry January 1956.
HMS Nestor   G.02 9th July 1940 RAN 1941-42 Sunk by Italian Aircraft eastern Mediterranean  on 15th June 1942.
HMS Nizam   G.38 4th July 1940 RAN 1941 - 45 Broken up  at Grays 16th November 1955.
HMS Noble   G.84 17th April 1941 Transferred to the Netherlands in 1942. N. Van Galen scrapped 8th February 1957 
HMS Nerissa  (Piorum)  G.65 7th May 1940 Becoming Piorun of the polish Navy in 1940 tp 1946 returning to the Royal navy as HMS Noble finally scrapped at Dunston December 1955 
HMS Nonpareil  G.16 25th June 1941 Transferred to the Netherlands 1942. became Tjerk Hiddes and sold to Indonesia becoming Gadjah Mada in 1951
HMS Norman G.49 30th October 1940 RAN 1941 - 1945 Broken up at Briton Ferry January  1958.
HMS Napier

HMS Napier, June 1944.

Contributed by Paul van der Moezel

HMS Nepal

HMS Nepal. Contributed by Peter Saxon

G16 Tjerk Hiddes (nearest) with British destroyers G25 HMS Nepal (far) and G29 HMS Offa (centre).

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