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Japanese naval history of the aircraft carrier Kaga. Originally a battleship, Kaga was converted to a carrier and took part in the attack on Pearl Harbor and the battle of Midway during world war II.

Kaga 17th November 1921 Sunk on 4th June 1942 after taking heavy damage from US bombers at Midway.

Kaga Photo sent in by R Bayles

The Tosa Class Japanese Battleship was meant to be the start of the Super battleship. The Tosa was launched on the 18th December 1921 and the Kaga built at Kawasaki, Kobe was launched in November 1921.  Building on both battleships was suspended in February 1922.  The Tosa was used as a target ship and sunk by gunfire on the 9th February 1925.  The Kaga was converted to an aircraft carrier.  The carrier Kaga participated in the attack on pearl harbor on the 7th December 1941 and also participated in the naval operation against Rabaul and Port Darwin in 1942. She was sunk by Aircraft from American Aircraft Carriers at the Battle of Midway on the 5th of June 1942.