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Japanese naval history of the aircraft carrier Akagi. Initial construction on Akagi was to be a battleship but construction work was suspended in 1922 and it was converted to an aircraft carrier in November 1923 and launched April 1925. During the battle of Midway the Akagi was hit by bombs from US Divebombers which wrecked the flight deck and hangars, uncontrollable fires started and the ship was eventually abandoned and scuttled.

Akagi 22nd April 1925 Scuttled on 5th June 1942 after taking heavy damage from US bombers at Midway.

Aircraft carrier Akagi

Displacement: 42,900 tons standard and  47,700 tons full load.   Speed: 31 knots.     Complement:  2,000

Armament: Six 8-inch guns, twelve 4.7 inch anti aircraft guns, twenty-eight 25mm AA, 91 aircraft.