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Japanese aircraft carrier Hosho was the first Japanese aircraft carrier to be launched in November 1921. The design was prepared with the help of the British Semphill technical mission and built by Asano, Tsurumi. In 1942 she was used for training and after use as a repatriation transport, she was scrapped in 1947. Plans for a sister ship the Chokaku was cancelled due to the Washington Treaty of 1922.

Hosho 13th November 1921 Mainly used as a training ship she saw little action. Scrapped in 1947.

Aircraft Carrier Hosho

Displacement: 42,900 tons standard and  47,700 tons full load.   Speed: 31 knots.     Complement:  2,000

Armament: Six 8-inch guns, twelve 4.7 inch anti aircraft guns, twenty-eight 25mm AA, 91 aircraft.