Vanguard Class

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HMS Lion. Part of the Vanguard Class of second rate 80 gun ships of the line launched in July 1847. She was turned into a screw-ship in 1859 and by 1896 she was the training ship at Devonport. Sister ships included HMS Vanguard, HMS Collingwood, HMS Goliath, HMS Superb, HMS Meeanee, HMS Centurion, HMS Colossus and HMS Mars.

A Marching Out Battalion Parade on Board the Training Ship Lion 1896

As men of war were liable to be called on at any time to carry on shore operations with an enemy, or in cases of emergency when regular troops were not on spot, or before soldiers could be sent out from home to begin hostilities, the tuition of bluejackets in landing party and battalion exercise was a necessary part of the sailor's education. It was carried out by sending men ashore equipped with small arms and fitted as an infantry battalion, with pioneers and a stretcher party for ambulance work, and the ship's band to play the troops from the landing place during the march to the scene of the manoeuvre and back to the boats. The photograph shows the sailors of the training ship Lion stationed in the Hamoze, paraded with rifles and fixed bayonets on board ship, as for an infantry march on inland, with their pioneers (axe on shoulder) at the head of the column in fours, and stretcher bearers all fallen in and awaiting the order to go forward.

Model of HMS Vanguard. c.1892