Battle of the Nile

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 The Battle of the Nile, August 1798.

During the Napoleonic Wars after the Royal Navy left the Mediterranean, Napoleon was ordered to seize Egypt and to secure the Red Sea for France. When the British heard of the French landing, Admiral Horatio Nelson, with a Royal naval squadron, was sent to Egypt. On the 1st August, Horatio Nelson discovered the French fleet at anchor in Aboukir Bay, the French fleet consisted of 13 ships of the line, 4 naval frigates and a variety of troop ships. Admiral Nelson had a force of 14 ships, he divided his fleet into two, sailed one half of his fleet into the bay of Aboukir between the French and the shoreline, while the 2nd half of his fleet sailed the other side of the French line. The French fleet was almost entirely destroyed with only 2 French ships escaping. This British naval victory ended Napoleon's Egyptian campaign. Aboukir Bay is East of Alexandria in Egypt.