HMS St Vincent

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HMS St Vincent built at Plymouth Dockyard and launched 11th March 1815 as a first rate 120 gun ship of the line of the Nelson Class. She served as flagship at Portsmouth and served in 1840 in the Mediterranean and Channel. She was used as a training ship for 25 years until finally being sold in 1906. As part of the Royal Navy ship of the line the armament consisted of thirty-two 32 pdrs on the gundeck, thirty-four 24 pdrs on middle deck, thirty-four 18 pdrs on upper deck and on the quarter deck six twelve pdrs and ten 32 pdr carrs, and on the forecastle two 32 pdrs carrs.

The Training Ship St Vincent at Portsmouth circa 1896.

The St Vincent was laid down at Plymouth Dockyard in the year after Trafalgar, and launched with great eclat before 50,000 spectators, in the year of Waterloo. She was one of three sister 120 gun first-rates, the Nelson, the Howe and the St Vincent were named in honour of the three great Admirals. Only the St Vincent survived to serve as flagship at Portsmouth and in the 1840s in the Channel and the Mediterranean. She then served as a training ship for boys at Portsmouth for over 25 years.