SMS Lothringen

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SMS Lothringen of the Braunschweig pre dreadnaught Battleship class. was a bigger, heavier guns and faster than the Wittelsbach Class battleships, The Braunschweig class autherised under the Naval programme of 1900. launched on 27th may 1904 and commissioned into the German navy on the 18th may 1906, served with the fleet until 1916 when the Lothringen became a coastal defence ship and in 1917 a exercise ship  and engineer training ship at Wilhelmshaven.   and in 1919 became a depot ship for F-boats. after the war served in the Reichsmarine between 1922 and 1926.  and stricken 31st march 1931  and sold for 269,650 marks. (less armament.) and broken up by Blohm and Voss at Hamburg. late that year  

Displacement: 14,167 tons, Speed: 18.5 knots, Compliment: 743.  Armament: Four 280mm Guns,  Fourteen 170mm Guns  Eighteen 88mm Guns and four machine guns, also Six 450mm Torpedo Tubes.


SMS Lothringen

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20th December 1902

Stricken 31st March 1931, BU

26th May 1903

Stricken 31st March 1931, BU
Hessen 18th September 1903 To USSR 1946 becoming Tsel
Preussen 30th October 1903 Stricken 5th April 1929, BU
Lothringen 27th May 1904 Stricken 31st March 1931, BU