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Braunschweig Class.  German battleships of the Braunschweig Class of the early 20th Century.  Photos and history of the ships of the Braunschweig Class, including SMS Braunschweig, SMS Elsass, SMS Hessen, SMS Preussen, and SMS Lothringen.

Bigger, heavier guns and faster than the Wittelsbach Class battleships, The Braunschweig class autherised under the Naval programme of 1900. All completed between 1904 and 1906. During the First World war they formed the 4th Squadron which was stationed in the Baltic in1915. They were then reduced to harbour guard ships due to the manpower shortage in the German navy, most of their crew was transferred to other ships.   they were all disarmed in 1916/1917 except Lothringen which kept Ten1 70mm guns until 1918.  In 1919 Preussen and Lothringen were converted to depot ships for minesweeper motor boats. (F types)  All were broken up in 1931 except Hessen which was reboilered and converted into a radio controlled target ship after world war two she was given to Russia and renamed Tsel. and also a small part of Preussen was kept, a 63metre section of the midship was used for explosive trials target and nicknamed Vierkant (even keel)

Displacement: 14,167 tons, Speed: 18.5 knots, Compliment: 743.  Armament: Four 280mm Guns,  Fourteen 170mm Guns  Eighteen 88mm Guns and four machine guns, also Six 450mm Torpedo Tubes.



20th December 1902

Stricken 31st March 1931, BU

26th May 1903

Stricken 31st March 1931, BU
Hessen 18th September 1903 To USSR 1946 becoming Tsel
Preussen 30th October 1903 Stricken 5th April 1929, BU
Lothringen 27th May 1904 Stricken 31st March 1931, BU

The second battle squadron, with a Braunschweig class battleship. Possibly Preussen

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One of the Braunschweig Class Battleships.

A reproduction of this original photo / photo-postcard size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  ? Walker Archive. Order Code PGB055


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