Iris Class

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Iris Class 2nd Class Cruisers

HMS Iris 12th April 1877 Used for harbour service 1903, Portsmouth, broken up 1905.
HMS Mercury 17th April 1878 Sold and broken up 1919

HMS Iris

HMS Iris.  Built at Pembroke Dockyard.  Laid down 10th November 1875.  Launched 12th April 1877.  Completed April 1879.   Used for harbour service 1903 at Portsmouth.  Sold to the breakers 1905.

HMS Mercury

HMS Mercury photographed at Portsmouth.  Built at Pembroke dockyard. Laid down 16th March 1876, Launched 18th April 1878, commissioned into the Royal Navy September 1879.  Became a submarine tender in 1905 and between 1914-18 served as a hulk at Chatham, finally sold and scrapped 1919

HMS Mercury.

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