Emerald Class

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Emerald class masted cruisers of the Royal Navy launched from 1875-77. Ships in the class were HMS Emerald, HMS Garnet, HMS Opal, HMS Ruby, HMS Tourmaline and HMS Turquoise. HMS Tourmaline was paid off in July/ August 1896 and sold for scrapping in 1920.

Displacement: 2120 tons.    I.H.P: c.2,000    Length: 220 feet.    Beam: 40ft.   Depth: 18 ft.    Speed: c.13 knots.     Complement: 230.

HMS Emerald 18th August 1876 Sold to breakers 1906.
HMS Garnet 30th June 1877 Sold to breakers 1904.
HMS Opal 9th March 1875 Sold to breakers 1892.
HMS Ruby 9th August 1876 Sold to breakers 1921.
HMS Tourmaline 30th October 1875 Sold to breakers 1921.
HMS Turquoise 22nd April 1876 Sold to breakers 1892.

HMS Emerald

HMS Emerald.

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HMS Emerald - Name History

The sixth ?EMERALD? was a 12-gun screw corvette launched at Pembroke in 1876.  She was of 2120 tons, 2170 horse-power, and 14 knots speed.  Her length, beam, and draught were 220ft., 40ft., and 19ft.  In 1889 the ?Emerald,? commanded by Captain William Henry Maxwell, proceeded to the Solomon Islands to punish the natives for the murder of a boat?s crew belonging to the British schooner ?Sandfly.?  The murderers were then not discovered, but their villages were burned.  Some time later Bishop Selwyn persuaded the chief to surrender the ringleaders, who were duly executed.  This vessel ended her career as a powder hulk at Portsmouth, and in 1906 she was sold.

HMS Ruby

HMS Ruby.

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Emerald Class cruiser HMS Ruby c.1900 with sails rigged. The Ruby was launched in June 1877 and had a complement of 230 and a speed of 12.3knots.

HMS Garnet

HMS Garnet, 1878.

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