HMS Vengeance 1898

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HMS Vengeance, which was the last of the Canopus Class to be put into commission, was also, in some respects, the most powerful. Like her sister ships, she was of 12,950 tons displacement, and her principal armament consisted of four 12 in guns, mounted in two barbettes, which had all-round-loading positions. She also carried twelve 6 in quick firers, as well as smaller guns, and had a sea speed of 17 knots. She had a water-line belt which extended forward and aft from the more strongly protected portion in the centre, diminishing in thickness as it progressed. But the feature of the Vengeance was that her armour was of the Krupp type, and that, thickness for thickness, it possessed greater resisting powers than that of any of her sister ships. Captain L C Stuart, had his pennant on board the Vengeance in 1902 at which time her complement was 750 officers and men.

Displacement: 12,950 tons.   Length: 410 ft.   Beam: 74 ft.  Draught: 26.5 ft.   Complement: 750.   Armament: four 12 ins guns, twelve 6 ins guns, ten 3 ins guns, six 3 pounder guns and two maxims with four torpedo tubes.

HMS Vengeance, 1902.

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HMS Vengeance, 1915.

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HMS Vengeance leaves Portsmouth for the Mediterranean in 1902.

The Last of the Canopus Class HMS Vengeance pictured in 1902

HMS Vengeance

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HMS Vengeance, 1902.

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Contributed by Vaughan Cullen, with the following details:

This photo is of John Alexander Stewart with his ship mates on H.M.S. Vengeance on the China station in 1904, he is seated in front. Alex was to leave the navy and become a submariner in 1906 - 12 and was in N.R. when the war broke out and recalled to service . He was killed on the Bulwark in Nov. 1914 in Chatham Harbour.

Captain Leslie Stuart and Officers of the Vengeance in 1902.

Left to right: Back row - C H Crompton, A J Carter, F L Horsey, J E Davenport, W T Carlyle, T Merriman, S R Lewis.

Middle row - A M Phillips, D T Norris, F C Brown, H H Penrose, E G Durran, L M Darbyshire, H B Panton, H C Woodyatt, C E Law.

Front row - H Meikle, G W Vivian, F C Allenby, Captain Stuart, W Coleman, H N Dymott, Captain G N A Harris.