HMS Glory 1899

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 HMS Glory Built by Laird at Birkenhead and laid down on the 1st December 1896 and launched on the 11 March 1899 completed October 1900.  Served  initially in the China Station as Flagship 1900 to 1905 returning to the UK in 1905, following the Anglo Japanese alliance. stayed with the Channel fleet until 1906 and then went into the commissioned reserve Home Fleet at Portsmouth refitted March 1907 to July 1907 for Boiler overhaul and magazine cooling and the addition of Fire Control.  From the August 1907 to April 1909 HMS Glory served in the Mediterranean fleet.  returning to the 4th Division (with reduced crew levels. From May 1912 she joined the 3rd Fleet at the Nore transferring to Portsmouth in April 1913 At the outbreak of world war one HMS Glory joined the 8th battle squadron to escort A Canadian Convoy of troops in October 1914, Then joining the north American and West Indies Station as Flagship. In  June 1915 she joined the Mediterranean fleet to cover the Suez canal, and Egypt. In 1916 HMS Glory was sent to Archangel as Guard ship and remained at this station until 1919 before returning to Rosyth In 1920 she was renamed HMS Crescent and used as a depot ship Finally being sold to the Breakers  in 1920

Displacement: 12,950 tons.   Length: 410 ft.   Beam: 74 ft.  Draught: 26.5 ft.   Complement: 750.   Armament: four 12 ins guns, twelve 6 ins guns, ten 3 ins guns, six 3 pounder guns and two maxims with four torpedo tubes.

HMS Glory - Name History

The tenth ?GLORY? is a 16-gun twin-screw battleship, launched at Birkenhead in 1899.  She is of 12,950 tons, 13,500 horse- power, and 18 knots speed.  Her length, beam, and draught are 390ft., 74ft., and 26ft.

HMS Glory, 1900.

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HMS Glory was one of the most modern battleships in commission at the beginning of 1900. She is pictured here before she went to the Far East c.1900.

The artificers of HMS Glory c.1900.

An old coloured postcard picture of HMS Glory, sent in by Alan Bacon, who believes his great Grandfather served on her as a torpedo man in the early 1900's

Silk souvenir from HMS Glory.  Photo sent in by Jim Cantwell.  The souvenir measures approximately 28?" x 26?" and is inscribed "Roy brought from Japan for me".  A label on the item has "Nagasaki, Japan, H.Imamura, Embroiderer."  Another label has "No.4".  The dates on the item are 1900 - 1904.

Some of the officers of HMS Glory c.1900: the officer seated in the centre with his hands on the midshipman's shoulders is Captain F S Inglefield. On his right is Commander W B Fawckner, borne for navigating duties. The chaplain is Rev. J H S Bailey, and among the other prominent officers are Commander C E E Carey, on the captain's left, Gunnery-Lieutenant H Christian, Torpedo-Lieutenant F L Attenborough and Fleet-Engineer D J Bennett.

This may be of interest. Attached are pictures of a box apparently presented to Lieut.C.F.B.Bowlby when HMS Glory was at Archangel in 1919.  Both the box and my son are now in Australia. I do not know how he came by it.     Brian Denham.  Thanks to Brian for this contribution.

The plaque from the box reads as follows :

"Lieut C. F. B. Bowlby R.N. D.S.C.  from J7LF (?).

White Sea Station 1919.   Made from wood from HMS Glory."