HMS Canopus 1898

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HMS Canopus Built at Portsmouth Dockyard and laid down on the 4th January 1897, launched 21st June 1898 and Completed December 1899,  Only one of the class to serve in the Mediterranean fleet  instead of the China station until returning to the Channel fleet in 1906 and in that year went into refit, to receive Fire control. Further refitting was done while with the reserve  at Portsmouth with reduced crew in 1908 - 09,  on returning to the fleet she served as the parent ship for the 4th Division at the Nore and with the home fleet from May 1912 and again refitted at Chatham dockyard In 1913 HMS Canopus was stationed at Pembroke and at the outbreak of the great war joined the 8th battle squadron of the Channel fleet, soon after  she was sent to the Falkland Islands and is said to have fired the first shot in the battle of the Falkland islands.  From February 1915  she was sent to the Mediterranean to support the Dardanelle's expedition. while there she was damaged by Turkish Gun fire on the 28th April and 2nd May 1915. she involved in grounding off Gaba Tepe. In October 1915 she transported troops to Salonika.  She returned to Chatham Docks on Tuesday 2nd May 1916. On returning back to Britain she became the guard ship on the East Coast until 1918 when she was sent to Devonport, where she became a accommodation ship until being sold to the breakers in 1920 .

Displacement: 12,950 tons.   Length: 410 ft.   Beam: 74 ft.  Draught: 26.5 ft.   Complement: 750.   Armament: four 12 ins guns, twelve 6 ins guns, ten 3 ins guns, six 3 pounder guns and two maxims with four torpedo tubes.

HMS Canopus, 1915.

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HMS Canopus.

HMS Canopus, 1899

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HMS Canopus

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Completing HMS Canopus at Portsmouth.

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Royal Navy Canopus Class battleship

A team from HMS Canopus with the Admiral's Cup from the Land Attack Competition in 1902.