HMS Retribution

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HMS Retribution, Aeolus class second-class cruiser of the Royal Navy. Launched 6th August 1891 and completed for sea in the same year. HMS Retribution was classed as a light cruiser of the Royal Navy.

Displacement: 3,600 tons.    Horse power: 9,000.    Length 300 ft.    Beam: 43 ft 8 ins.    Draught: 17 ft 6 ins.    Armament: two 6 ins guns, six 4.7 ins guns, eight 6-pounder guns and one 3-pounder all quick-firers.   Speed:19.7 knots.    Complement: 275.

HMS Retribution 6th August 1891 Sold to breakers 1911.

HMS Retribution Flagship on the South East Coast of America Station

The Retribution was a steel copper-sheathed second-class cruiser, completed for sea in 1891. She was built by Messrs Palmer at Jarrow and engined by the same firm.

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The Signal Staff of HMS Retribution

Signal staff of the cruiser Retribution, the senior officer's ship of the squadron serving off the south east coast of America. The signal service in the Royal Navy in 1896 was recruited directly from the training ships, where boys likely to prove suitable, were in the first place set aside for special training. On being drafted at the end of the training ship course to sea-going ships, the boys were rated as "signal boys" and instead of rising to become AB's, continued in the signals department throughout their term of service, becoming qualified signalmen, yeoman of signals, etc. right up to chief yeoman of signals.

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HMS Retribution, January, 1896