HMS Melampus

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HMS Melampus, second-class cruiser of the Aeolus class in the Royal Navy stationed at Kingstown as a coastguard ship. Launched 2nd August 1890 and sold for scrap in 1910. Sister ships included HMS Retribution (classed as a light cruiser), HMS Laytona and HMS Andromanche.

Displacement: 3,600 tons.    Horse power: 9,000.    Length 300 ft.    Beam: 43 ft 8 ins.    Draught: 17 ft 6 ins.    Armament: two 6 ins guns, six 4.7 ins guns, eight 6-pounder guns and one 3-pounder all quick-firers.   Speed:19.7 knots.    Complement: 275.

HMS Melampus 2nd August 1890 Sold to breakers 1910.

Aeolus Class Cruiser HMS Melampus

Serving Out Grog HMS Melampus 1896

A scene on board the cruiser Melampus - coastguard ship at Kingstown in 1890s, attached to the First Reserve Squadron. The rum, which had been brought up from the spirit room below and pumped into a beaker, was emptied into the grog tub and there mixed with a proper proportion of water. One man from each mess, known as the Cook of the Mess was present at the drawing of the rum ration, and he received the allowance for the number of men in his mess and would distribute it afterwards. If any grog remained in the tub after all had been supplied, it along with the dregs of the tub is poured overboard.

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Bedding Inspection HMS Melampus 1896

Sowing one of the periodical inspections that the men on board a ship would have to undergo in the interests of their own health and comfort as much as of discipline. The Petty Officer can be seen with notebook in hand, waiting for the inspection officer to arrive on his round, prepared to enter any directions he may receive from the officer in regard to any of the men and the replacing or repair of their bedding. Each man is shown standing at the head of his hammock, which is laid out neatly and arranged in the regulation way of the 1890s, with mattress and blanket folded on top.

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